Month: June 2021

COVID: Revenge of The Delta Variant

The Delta Variant of Coronavirus is being reported as considerably more transmissible and doctors are worried that we may have a real problem with another pandemic on our hands. Now the talk about mandatory masks is back. Will America be alright with mask mandates coming back? Tony Katz has some worries about that.

Tony Katz on NewsNationNow: IMPD officer Dejoure Mercer Suing NFL for Libel

Tony appeared on The Donlon Report on NewsNationNow to discuss the libel case between Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer Dejoure Mercer and the NFL over their ‘Say Their Stories’ campaign, which identified Mercer as a murderer of an unarmed black man.

However, he was armed. He ran from the police, and he shot at the officers. For more information, see his piece at RedState.

You’re Not That Special

On a Sunday evening, Tony Katz sat his kids down and told them that they weren’t special. He explained that while his kids were special to him, he emphasized that the rest of the world doesn’t view them as special.

This story resonates in two separate instances that happened this week. One involving a woman taking a picture at the Tour de France that ended in disaster and another story involving an Olympic athlete casuing controversy at the podium. Tony goes through both stories and uses them as examples as to why people shouldn’t think they are special

CNN’s Brian Stelter Says Balanced News Comes From The East AND West Coasts

That Americans even need to discuss the idea of “balanced” news in America is part of the serious problem with American media. News outlets are proudly un-balanced. They market themselves that way. They revel in it. For CNN’s Brian Stelter, “balanced” news involves reading newspapers from Washington DC and Los Angeles, CA.

This is not a conversation about the opinion and commentary shows. While they should all look honestly at news and stories affecting the nation, they will have thoughts and views that have a bias. That’s rational. As a radio host, I have a point of view that I share with my audience on 93.1 FM WIBC in Indianapolis. Our newsroom, however, is a separate entity. They practice journalism; they report the story. I, as a commentator and host, share my views on those stories.

But it is increasingly obvious that newsrooms across America don’t share this view. The “journalism” is their point of view. Hannah Dreier of the Washington Post engaged in a full attack on Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis for not ensuring FEMA assistance after the condo collapse in Surfside. (As of writing this, nine people are dead and numerous people are still missing and believed buried in the rubble.) She claimed in a tweet:

But this was not the case. As Gov. DeSantis’ office explained, the governor signed an executive order to get assistance to those affected by the building collapse:

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Biden’s Anti-Gun Plan Shows You Exactly Who He Is

Joe Biden stepped up to the podium and tried to explain his plan for crime in the United States. Unsurprisingly, Biden mentioned that access to firearms was the root cause of violence in the country. Everything we’ve said about Biden can be seen in this press conference. Tony Katz has his thoughts on Biden and his misguided and dangerous ideas.

Portland Riot Squad Resigns Because Portland Doesn’t Have Their Back: Katz on Fox

The Portland Riot Squad, which consists of near 50 Portland, Oregon police officers, resigned from the group en masse one one of them was indicted for doing their job during one of the numerous nights of riots in the city.

The officer is accused of unlawful force, but a description of the incident states the officer was using his baton during a riot situation as trained.

Tony joined Fox News to explain what happens when officers don’t believe a city, or the elected officials of that city, will support police when they are doing their job. Better said, what happens to morale when a city chooses the rioters over the police.

Man Becomes Trillionaire, But Can’t Access Funds

It’s the dream of every investor to find the winning lottery ticket. To buy that one stock that skyrockets you to unfathomable wealth and lifelong happiness. One man achieved that dream. After buying a cryptocurrency for $20, the price of the coin increased overnight 60 billion times and the $20 investment is now worth over a trillion dollars. There is only one problem…. he can’t access the money.

Making Sense of SCOTUS Decisions

The highest court in the land ruled 7-2 to uphold the Affordable Care Act. The court also ruled 9-0 in favor of the Philadelphia Catholic foster care program. Each case has different intricacies that led to each respective ruling. Indiana Attorney General, Todd Rokita joins Tony Katz to go over each ruling.

Ilhan Omar Should Be Expelled. Why Won’t Republicans Loudly Say So?

No Democrat should be able to speak to a tv camera or into a microphone without being asked their stance on Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar. Citizens and media should be putting elected officials on the record: Do you really stand silent for such bigotry? Are you really looking the other way on such hate? Will you really continue to pretend that she isn’t inviting and inciting attacks on Israel and Jews in the US? 

No member of Congress should go a day without being reminded that Ilhan Omar is actively courting for genocide in Israel, and then be asked, “Do you agree with her? Should Israel cease to exist?”

This isn’t hyperbole. The facts have been laid out and the reality is undeniable:

 – Rep. Omar and the “Squad” at-large have condemned Israel, condoned bigotry and cozied up to anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan and Jeremy Cornyn. Add to it members like Rep. Andre Carson (D, IN-07,) who proclaimed at a ‘Free Palestine’ rally in front of the US State Dept. that he and others, “love their sister,” Rashida Tlaib. Carson is also famous for refusing to condemn known bigot Louis Farrakhan, and maintaining that he would work with Farrakhan in the future.
 – Omar’s hatred for Israel and Jews is not a passing fad, nor a misinterpretation of her comments. It’s who she is.
 – Omar should be a great story of America’s triumph. Instead of having a life of hardship in Somalia unfathomable to Americans, she was welcomed into the US. Educated in the US. Had access to the greatest doctors and healthcare in the world. Free to worship as she chose. Was able to speak her mind without fear of violent abduction by any government.

And instead of loving the nation that welcomed her – clearly, not a racist nation – she hates it, decries it and compares it to the terrorist organization, Hamas.

What does the Democratic Party do? It continues to lift her up. Perhaps, for Democrats, she didn’t speak out of turn. Perhaps, for more of the Democratic Party than even Democrats realize, she spoke the truth: The Democratic Party hates America, and thinks we’re the terrorists.

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New Israeli Government Raises Questions on Country’s Future

Explaining the politics of Israel would take 70-80 pages. It’s a very complicated process to elect a new Prime Minister. The process has been going on for the past two years in Israel and after several elections where no government coalition was formed, we finally have a resolution.

Benjamin Netanyahu is out after holding the position for 12 years and Naftali Bennett has taken his place. The new regime is touting a “unity party”, but what does that really mean? Tony Katz and Israel Consul Aviv Ezra discuss the election and how Israel’s relationships with the rest of the world could be affected.