Month: May 2021

Ending The Discussion on Masks

A University of Louisville study has shown that there is no correlation between COVID and not wearing a mask. New studies have been coming out showing that there is virtually no difference between wearing and not wearing a mask. Phil Kerpen joins Tony Katz to explain this latest study and what this means for mask mandates

The Scourge of Veteran Suicides Continues

Gretchen Smith of Code of Vets discusses the loss of her father, what’s happening with vets and is there an answer to the rising number of veteran suicides

Katz on Israel Hate: Don’t Blame Facebook and Instagram, Blame Tlaib, Omar, and Andre Carson

Tony Katz spoke with Jacqi Heinrich from FOX News to discuss anti-Israel politicians in the US, and the silence from celebrities on increased attacks on Jews across America.

The problem isn’t social media. The problem is Reps. Tlaib, Omar and Andre Carson, among others, who push hate against Israel and Jews by calling Israel an “apartheid state” or accusing Israel of having “Jim Crow laws.”

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Bigotry Is Why We Can’t Teach CRT To Our Children

Chicago Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot has said she will only do interviews with Black or Brown reporters to push for “equity.” Rational people know that this is outright bigotry (including many reporters in Chicago, who refuse to do interviews with her until she changes her awful policy.)

Tony explains to FOX News that Mayor Lightfoot’s proclamation has a direct connection to Critical Race Theory and “anti-racism,” and that’s reason enough not to teach them in schools.

Boone County Wheated Bourbon and Davidoff Colorado Claro Special “T” Cigar Review

Eat! Drink! Smoke! is Tony’s nationally syndicated bourbon and cigar show. It’s a great escape from political insanity. It’s funny, informative, easy to listen to and pretty dang awesome. You can get more at the show site,

Enjoy the podcast!

Media Lies Again…This Time About The Wuhan Lab Leak

When Republicans discussed the possibility that Covid-19 leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China last April, they were called conspiracy theorists. Now, when the political Left – including Dr. Anthony Fauci – discuss the possibility that Covid-19 leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China, it’s a theory worth exploring.

Why wasn’t media in favor of an investigation a year ago? Listen, and find out.

The Privilege of LeBron James

LeBron James really can do whatever he wants. The Lakers star is widely regarded as the most influential person in the NBA. This thesis has been proven yet again, after James violated the NBA’s health and safety protocols and will face no repercussions. Any other NBA player would have been forced to sit out; not LeBron James. Tony Katz examines how James hasn’t used his leadership and influence to make a real difference.

Israel Defense Force Major Speaks with Tony Katz

Major Doron Spielman is an IDF Spokesman to the Foreign Press. He has served as a spokesman for over 20 years and has been interviewed on most of the world’s largest media networks and served in numerous military operations including the Second Intifada, the Second Lebanon War, the Cast Lead Operation in the Gaza Strip and others. Major Spielman has also served in Joint Israeli and US Juniper Cobra Military Exercises. He joined Tony Katz to discuss how the Israeli military is handling the attacks in Israel.

Hamas Prevents Aid From Getting To Palestinians, says Daniel Aschheim from Israel Consulate General Office

Daniel Aschheim, Consul for Public Diplomacy with the Israel Consulate General to the Midwest, talks to Tony Katz about the latest attacks by Hamas in Israel.

Did Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett Steal His Speech From Al Pacino in Scent Of A Woman?

I didn’t make this. But someone did….and they are brilliant!

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett welcomes the crowd to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and offers a few words. But those words seem to come directly for Al Pacino’s speech in the film Scent of a Woman?

Did Hogsett and his team plagiarize the speech? Is it just a coincidence? You decide.