Month: March 2021

SpongeBob Quarantine and Racist Band-Aids

An episode of SpongeBob has been pulled from the airwaves after an episode depicting “Clam Flu” caused outrage. Parents were worried that an episode like that would promote “otherizing” in children. If that wasn’t enough of a story for you then also be aware that Band-Aids are racist. If you didn’t realize that SpongeBob and Band-Aids were horrible then don’t worry- Tony Katz is here to fill you in

Satan Shoes Sell Out

Have you ever wanted to own a pair of shoes that contain real human blood? Well, wait no longer because your dreams have come true. The over $1000 shoes, which were dubbed- Satan Shoes, quickly sold out. Tony Katz tires to figure out the story

Biden, Harris, Mayorkas Not Up To Handling Border Crisis

Tony Katz tells Heather Childers and Bob Sellers on Newsmax that President Biden, VP Harris and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas are not up to handling the crisis at the US southern border.

Sec. Mayorkas is also lying when he claims the border is closed.

How Many Subscribers Will Trump’s New Social Media Service Have In The First Week?

Speaking with Heather Childers and Bob Sellers on Newsmax, Tony explained that President Trump has nothing to lose in creating a new social media platform, and it will be better for him than putting out press releases.

How many subscribers will the service have? Tony says 20 million in the first week. What do you think?

Illinois City Agrees to Pay Reparations

Evanston, Illinois becomes the first US city to agree to pay reparations to black residents. The city will be paying out an initial payment of $400,000. How long before we see other cities taking up the idea of reparations and how will cities determine the amount of money to be paid?

Toxic Fandom Has Damaged Us

March is here, which means that March Madness has fully consumed America. While the passion that fans have for their teams can be fun, sometimes it becomes so toxic that it crosses over into something more sinister. Ohio State Sophomore, EJ Liddell, was sent threatening, hateful and disgusting messages on his social media. The reason for these hateful messages was due to his team losing in the first round. Tony Katz examines how our over importance on sports caused this

What is The #SnyderCut and Why Are People Talking About It?

Everyone is talking about Justice League. Specifically, a newly released version that came to HBO Max. You may see #SnyderCut trending on your social media feed and wonder what in the world is going on. Tony and Producer Ari go through the the social media phenomenon that is the Snyder Cut.

The Washington Post Straight Up Lied

You better buckle up, because this one is a doozy. We’ve known that the Washington Post never exactly had the most objective articles concerning Donald Trump, but a recent correction they made to a story is going to make you scream. Tony Katz covers the story

Mumford & Sons Kicked A Guy Out of The Band Over A Book Recommendation

Cancel culture has struck again and this time it’s over a book. The banjo player from Mumford & Sons tweeted out that he enjoyed a book written by Andy Ngo about ANTIFA. Not long after, he was attacked by the rage mob, deleted all his tweets and said he was taking a leave from the band. If there was a story to share with your kids, it’s this one.

Does A City Have Rights?

While Texas Governor, Greg Abbott announced that the mask mandate for the state would end, the city of Austin has decided that they want to continue the mandate. Tony Katz wonders if a city has the right to decide policies that go against the state.