Month: February 2021

Equity and Equality are Not The Same Thing

Our public educational system is falling into the trap of teaching bigotry. Equity is not the same as equality. To favor the equality of outcomes is bigotry. Anything that states you should equalize outcomes, does not favor free people, free lives or free thought. Equality is not equity and equity is not equal.

BLM is Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

Anyone can be nominated: Stacy Abrams was nominated, and so was Jared Kushner. President Trump has been nominated twice.

And anyone can win a Nobel Peace Prize. Yassar Arafat won the prize, and he was never connected to peace. Ever. So what to make of this nomination? Well, it’s completely backwards that an organization rooted in Marxism can ever be a part of something peaceful. Watch!

Katz on Newsmax: No, President Trump Should Not Testify at his Impeachment Trial

Who knew this was even a consideration? Tony Katz tells Newsmax that President Trump should not testify at his impeachment trial. That would be a, “…very, very bad idea.”

Activists Forcibly Take Over Hotel and Nobody Says a Word

No, this isn’t another story about the riot at the Capitol. This happened in a hotel in Washington, where a group of activists, carrying weapons and wearing body armor stormed a building to demand housing for the homeless. Tony Katz examines why this story isn’t getting the kind of play you’d normally see.