Biden was Wrong: ANTIFA is Real, and They are Violent

When Joe Biden said that ANTIFA was just an idea during a presidential debate, he was wrong. Or, he lied. Or, he thinks that the American public is so damn dumb that they’ll believe this nonsense, especially after The View and CNN explain why he’s right.

After Biden’s inauguration, and the violence and destruction that descended on Portland and Seattle, it became even more clear to all Americans that ANTIFA is real, and was never targeting the Trump Administration. Signs from the riots read, “We don’t want Biden – we want revenge!” and “We are ungovernable.” They’re telling you that it was never about Trump. They’re telling you that the people who said, “If you vote for Biden, everything will be normal again!” were fools…or simply outrageously naive. The media that echoed these sentiments? Leftist Stepford wives.

ANTIFA are not just violent, ANTIFA is violence. They were – they are! – targeting America. They hate America, and they want to burn it all down. The Mayor of Bellingham, WA, Seth Fleetwood, had to be rushed from City Hall because ANTIFA stormed the building. How is this any different than the US Capitol?

According to DeeDee Sun of KIRO7, “They also tore down the American flag outside. Stole a KGMI journalist’s mic and threw a hot drink on him.”

The Seattle police chief is now taking an aggressive posture with these violent rioters, and I applaud that. But it is America that must take an aggressive posture with those who take part in, and support, these violent mobs to begin with.

Like Vice-President Kamala Harris, who encouraged Americans to bail these people out. Rep. Ayana Presley (D-MA) backed them, and called for “unrest in our streets.“. Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle, who stated that people worried about the city during riots and the CHAZ/CHOP. like President Donald Trump, were afraid of democracy and that Seattle was, “fine.”. Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland allowed 92 days of violence before doing something about it. Recently, Wheeler himself has been attacked by ANTIFA. (Don’t forget Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, who did nothing to save their states biggest cities or protect their citizens.)

Don’t forget Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, or Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett (two murders occurred in Indy, and he has no answer as to where the police were over those two nights, all while swearing he didn’t order them to stand down.) Don’t forget Mayor Bill DeBlasio of New York, who gladly painted the streets while the businesses of his city got destroyed.

Don’t forget the celebrities and the cable news talking heads who cheered the violent people on. And don’t forget the people who are now silent about the violent and the violence; people like President Biden. (Silence, as we have been told, is violence.) These people – these groups and constituencies – should hear from free and thinking Americans. They should be told how wrong they are to support such violence and carnage. (It should be well noted that much of the violence we saw during the protests over the death of George Floyd were not from Black Americans speaking their mind, but rather from the Marxist elements of BLM and ANTIFA members who used the protests as a way to engage violence.)

American society should oppose riots – at the US Capitol, in our cities, anywhere and everywhere. President Joe Biden can not be silent. He has to admit that ANTIFA is real, and that he was simply wrong to say otherwise. Americans know who cheered ANTIFA on. Will there be calls to remove them from office? To stop watching their networks? To stop watching their movies?

ANTIFA is violent. ANTIFA is violence. They are the enemy of the free and thinking people of America, and the world. They should be treated as such.