Month: January 2021

Rep. Devin Nunes: Parler, Amazon, Free Speech and Racketeering

California Republican Devin Nunes spoke with Tony Katz about bringing racketeering charges against Amazon and others for working together to remove social media app Parler from, well, existing.

It’s Difficult To Legally Prove That Trump Incited A Riot

Emily Zanotti has argued in front of the Supreme Court, so she knows a thing or two about what makes a good case. The second impeachment trial of President Trump has begun and it appears the Democrats want to charge him with “inciting a riot.”

As Emily explains, it is extremely difficult to prove the charge of inciting a riot. She breaks down the legal standard it would take.

Where Do Pence & Trump Stand After All This?

There has been plenty of rumors and speculation about the relationship between Vice President Pence and President Trump after what occurred during the objections to certifying electors as well as the Capitol Hill riot. It was reported that Pence and Trump hadn’t spoken for a week. Tony Katz has spent time with Pence, but wouldn’t call him a close friend. He knows enough though to make an educated guess about what is going on in the Vice President’s head.

The Desire To Break Apart The Republican Party

The past week has seen the mainstream media and the left put their focus towards the eradication of the Republican Party. Social media silencing has only gotten worse as President Trump has been banned and Parler is being removed from phones. Now, the Democrats are pushing for a 2nd impeachment and members of the GOP are being shamed. In these times, Tony Katz examines how the Republican party goes forward

What We Witnessed At The Capitol Isn’t How We Do Things

The world watched as rioters stormed the capital, causing a lockdown while members of Congress were debating the certification of the electoral votes. Tony Katz takes a look at what happened, how it happened and what needs to happen

Liberty Isn’t Free and You Have to Fight For It

Whether it’s ANTIFA roaming the streets and destroying property, Mayors deciding how you are to live your life, or Republicans criticizing the objections to electors- this is a fight for liberty. Tony Katz says that we have forgotten the primary fight for what this country was built on and if we don’t, we are doomed.

Is There GOP Infighting and Does It Matter? Tony Katz on Newsmax TV

On Newsmax TV, Tony discussed allegations of GOP infighting leading up to the Georgia runoff, and the need to put up a fight in protecting the constitutionality of our elections.