Month: December 2020

Tony Katz On NewsMax: The Section 230 Issue and the Senate on COVID Relief

Tony Katz appeared on Newsmax TV to discuss the latest version of the Senate COVID relief bill and how Section 230 may hinder the lawsuit regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Biden Limits Media Access

Tony Katz joined Newsmax TV to discuss the fight in Congress over distribution of the COVID vaccine and how the Biden Family FBI investigation has been treated by the media. Reporters are complaining that access to Joe Biden has been severely limited.

Tony Katz on Newsmax: Biden’s Immigration Policy and The Ends Justify The Means in the Election

Tony appeared on Newsmax TV to discuss what the Biden Administration may do to America’s Immigration Policy and why Congress hasn’t acted until now.

For the political left, the ends justify the means and politics comes over a better society.

Making Sense of The COVID Relief Bill

What exactly did we just sign into law? Rep. Jim Banks from the Indiana 3rd joined Tony Katz to discuss the wild process that led to Congress finally passing a relief bill. Rep. Banks was one of only a few Congressmen who voted NO on the bill. He explains the issues he sees with it.

They Used Coronavirus As An Opportunity

Rahm Emanuel once famously said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Throughout the last year we have seen time and time again, the left using the COVID-19 virus as an excuse to change America. More restrictions, wealth redistribution, defunding police, and encouraging “anti-racist” teachings. Tony Katz examined how all this happened and why we have to remember what this country was built on and what we strive to fight for.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Recruits Santa To Indoctrinate Kids

Michigan’s Governor decided that the best way to get kids to wear their masks is to get Santa to tell them to. In a truly bizarre and slightly creepy video, Whitmer and Santa appear to let kids know that they have to wear a mask. Tony Katz has a few problems with this.

The Media is Letting Swalwell and Cuomo Off The Hook

Eric Swalwell allegedly had a sexual affair with a Chinese spy. Andrew Cuomo was accused of sexual harassment. Is this the first you’ve heard about it? That’s probably because the media has refused to cover these stories. Wonder why? 

Right or Wrong? Tom Cruise Screams at Production Crew

On the set of Mission Impossible 7, Tom Cruise was recorded screaming at the crew for breaking COVID protocol. Tony Katz discusses whether or not Cruise was in the right or wrong and what the alternatives were. Producer Ari says that Cruise was out of line for publicly shaming his coworkers, Katz disagrees.

The Best COVID Strategy was “Getting Out of The Way”

The media told us it was impossible that we could get COVID vaccines by the end of the year. We were told it would take a miracle. Turns out it only took people getting the hell out of the way. The first vaccines were delivered across the country today. Looking back at how we, as a country, handled the virus, it becomes clear that the most effective form of response was government stepping aside, cutting the red tape and letting people do what they do.

“You can criticize Trump for some of his responses during COVID if you’d like, but he did exactly the right thing when it came to this vaccine. He got out of the way. He stepped to the side and allowed companies like Pfizer and Moderna to do this and it’s because of that, we got done what they said was impossible.”

Forget About Civil War, We Should Focus on China

The Supreme Court declined to hear the Texas lawsuit that was believed to be the Trump campaign’s last hope to overturn the election results. No, we see “Civil War” trending on Twitter. Tony Katz explains that the idea of secession or taking up arms against other states is a bad idea, but there can be no doubt that two different ideologies are warring in the United States. This leads us to China- the real enemy who we should be focused on. Here is what we should do…