TKT Podcast: Election Challenges Are Good. Hard Evidence Is Better.

Updates on the state of the election in states that have yet to be confirmed or are in a recount. There are plenty of issues coming in from counties across the country that raise questions about the accuracy of our election results.

Rudy Giuliani is back in the courtroom and Sidney Powell says they have the evidence to prove Trump won this election. Including a sworn affidavit from a military official saying that the voting system was designed to change votes for elections in Venezuela.

Reports on Dominion Voting System hacks, count irregularities, voter trend anomalies, missing votes and so much more. Now show us the evidence. If people choose to ignore the evidence, that is an entirely new level of corruption that needs to be addressed.

PLUS: Arlington National Cemetery reverses their decision on not allowing wreaths to be laid on gravesites because of Covid-19, Phil Kerpen of American Commitment on the state-by-state lockdowns during COVID and public officials breaking their own rules, the AP is pushing Chinese propaganda by calling COVID-19 the “US Virus” and much, much more!