Month: November 2020

Republicans Were Out-Lawyered by Democrats

William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection joined Tony Katz to update us on the legal challenges in the 2020 election. Jacobson contends that Republicans were too slow to act with regards to their lawsuits and were outmaneuvered by Democrat lawyers 

Katz on Newsmax: Rep. Rashida Talib Is an AntiSemite. It’s Obvious

Tony Katz talks to John Bachman on Newsmax, and explains the antisemitism of Rep. Rashida Talib – from her wanting to wipe Israel off the map to her issues with former Obama State Dept. official Antony Blinken – and the continued silence of the Democratic Party on the subject.

Alyssa Milano Extends “Olive Branch” To Trump Supporters, and No One Is Buying It

Tony Katz talks to John Bachman of Newsmax and Kristen Tate about Alyssa Milano’s ‘Olive Branch’ towards Trump supporters. Milano has been a virulent, and at time violent critic of President Trump, and those who voted for him. Now, however, she wants to “move forward, together.”

As Tony explains, when she says, “move forward,” what she means is, “agree with me and do what I want!”

Fighting the Thanksgiving Lockdown Hypocrisy

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock told residents to avoid travel for Thanksgiving, then got on a plane and traveled for Thanksgiving!

Tony Katz spoke with John Bachman of Newsmax and Kristen Tate to discuss the blatant hypocrisy of “leaders” across the country who advocate you stay home while they go out. Tony also explains why Gov. Cuomo should see his 89 year-old mother.

The Push To Not Vote in Georgia Special Election

There are a lot of crazy theories out there, but Tony Katz stumbled across quite a unique one. There is an individual in Georgia who is trying to stick it to the establishment by encouraging people to not vote in the run off election in Georgia. Seems a bit counterproductive to Tony Katz. He and Kurt Schlichter discuss.

There Is No Going Back To “Normal” If We Allow This Assault On Liberty, Plus Sharyl Attkisson | TKT Podcast 11/23/2020

December 11th is the date we should be seeing a COVID vaccine. We could see 70% of Americans immunized by May. But will we be “back to normal” with a vaccine? With so many Governors and other elected officials backing draconian lockdowns, and so many Americans being ok with it, we should all question what “back to normal” really means

And you are not alone in noticing that large portions of this country were willing to abandon their liberty for just a little bit of perceived safety.


  • Journalist Sharyl Attkisson on those upset with President Trump’s legal challenges. She also discusses her new book. “Slanted.”
  • New York gym owners push back against the local health department
  • Los Angeles County has just destroyed even more restaurants

Shakeups In The Trump Legal Team

Sidney Powell’s time on the Trump legal team didn’t last long. Only three days after holding a press conference to update the public on lawsuits concerning the election, Sidney Powell was shown the door. After making allegations of bribery against Gov. Kemp of Georgia, the Trump legal team announced that Mrs. Powell was no longer on the team. Tony Katz takes a look at where we stand with the legal challenges and whether this is all standard practice, or is it all nuts?

School District Decides Asians Aren’t Students of Color

For some reason, a school district in Washington has felt the need to made the specification that Asian students no longer qualify as “students of color.” Why did they do this? Unclear. Tony Katz explains how creating more categories to put people in continues to be a horrible idea.

Sen. Ted Cruz Exposes Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and Why Competition Is The Key

Appearing on Newsmax, Tony Katz tells host John Bachman and Kristen Tate about Sen. Ted Cruz incredible questioning of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. The censorship of conservatives on Twitter is very real.

The answer? How about more competition?

TKT Podcast: Nothing Is More Important Than Standing Up For The Fight

There is a recount in Wisconsin, three Georgia counties had votes that weren’t counted and challenges are happening across Pennsylvania. National media is dismissing challenges, including Fox News. It is not up to the media to determine whether or not a challenge is valid. Why not let the legal challenges take place before making the election call? That is standing up, that is the fight.

That brings us to the insanity in Wayne County Michigan. The two GOP electors in Wayne County said they cannot certify the vote. They were called every name in the book, racists, bigots, even Governor Whitmer attacked them. Two hours later, they confirmed the vote. Two hours of public pressure and they submitted to the rage mob.

You have to be willing to stand up and fight. Even when someone is calling you names.

PLUS: Senator Ted Cruz took apart Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey regarding the roll of a platform vs a publisher in yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing, Biden is putting together a cabinet and transition team in preparation for a potential Presidency, but his choices show how much he’s given in to Progressives. And, panic shopping is back. Toilet Paper and Clorox wipes are flying off the shelves in preparedness for the next round of COVID lockdowns.