Month: October 2020

Joe Biden Has Race on His Brain

Joe Biden is known for his gaffes and his latest one is a doozy. Biden has made it clear throughout his time in politics that he has no problem playing the race card and viewing minority voters differently. His latest comments only highlight it. Tony Katz explains.

Democrats Upset That Trump is Recovering From COVID

President Trump was admitted to Walter Reed Hospital on Friday and the world exploded. Everyone had something to say. Most normal and rational people were wishing the President a speedy recovery. Then there were the lunatics who were tweeting that they were praying for Trump’s death. Democrat political operatives were not shy about their sincere hope that the sitting United States President would die. Tony Katz has his take.

What Happens Now That President Trump has COVID?

Tony Katz spoke with Dr. Louis Profeta concerning the recent announcement that President Trump has COVID. Dr. Profeta is recognized as one of the top doctors in relation to discussing COVID. He and Katz break down what happens next and how the diagnosis changes the election

Katz: I Guess We’re Talking About The Proud Boys

The Proud Boys took front and center stage during the first presidential debate. President Trump was asked to denounce The Proud Boys by moderator Chris Wallace. Tony Katz examines just who the Proud Boys are and how this “Trump as a white supremacist” narrative has stayed so relevant.