Month: October 2020

The Polls are Tightening

For weeks, Tony Katz has been watching and waiting to see what happens with the polls. Biden had been holding steady for months, but it now appears that with only a few days before the election the polls are tightening. Katz takes a look at the swing states and the encouraging numbers he sees for the Trump campaign.

New York Times Lied. Alleged Trump Senior Official, “Anonymous” Was a Total Nobody

The New York Times proudly proclaimed that an op-ed released in 2018 was written by a “senior administration official”. The piece detailed how the Trump administration was a disaster and this “senior official” had seen first hand just how dire everything was. Then, Anonymous wrote a book about the behind the scenes workings in the Trump administration. We now know that the New York Times lied. “Anonymous” was a nobody. Miles Taylor was revealed to be the author known as Anonymous. Taylor was not a senior official in the Trump administration. He was a nobody who didn’t have anywhere near the access he or the New York Times claimed he had. This is just another example of how the New York Times and mainstream media flat out lied and screwed over the American public.

Do You Believe The Polls or Your Lying Eyes?

Tony Katz has been diving deep into national and state wide polling for the 2020 presidential election. While the polls say that Biden has a lead in several swing states, but looking at the levels of enthusiasm and silent voters for Donald Trump, as well as the way polls are conducted, make it difficult to determine what to believe. Tony Katz and Jim Geraghty from National Review discuss the numbers in depth and what the numbers don’t tell us.

What Does The Lincoln Project Do Post-Trump?

Tony Katz has long said that he doesn’t understand what the Lincoln Project is trying to do. Rick Wilson and his band of Republicans have created a group that has only one purpose- destroy Trump. At some point in the future though, Donald Trump will no longer be the President. What does the Lincoln Project do next? Tony Katz has a theory.

The Bigotry of Chelsea Handler and Doxxing Nuns to Own Trump – TKT:10-26-2020

According to former talk show host Chelsea Handler, Black people can’t vote for President Trump. And they definitely can’t look at their own life and make a decision to benefit themselves and their families. If Chelsea Handler was a Republican, she’d be called a bigot and a racist. But she’s not a Republican….but does that change the twisted nature of what she said to rapper and former boyfriend 50Cent on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon?

And one journalist hates Trump so much that he went the extra mile to identify nuns who showed up at one of his rallies. Yes. He doxxed nuns.

Hillary Says Trump Destroyed Conservatism

Hillary Clinton, who can’t seem to go more than a couple weeks without inserting her opinion, is at it again. The 2-time presidential loser came out to say that there are plenty of Republicans who secretly want Trump out of office, but are just too “spineless” to do anything about it. Tony Katz explains why, as usual, Hillary Clinton is wrong.

The Potential Illegality of Hunter Biden’s Emails

Andy McCarthy of National Review joins Tony Katz to take a deep dive into Hunter Biden’s emails. The emails link Hunter Biden and potentially his father to business dealings with Ukraine and China. Joe Biden had previously denied having any knowledge of his son’s business. Are there potential criminal charges that could be levied against Hunter Biden and his father?

Here’s Why Hollywood Is Going After Actress Kirstie Alley

On FOX & Friends First, Tony discusses the online attacks against actress Kirstie Alley because of her support of President Trump. Why is it happening? Because liberal Hollywood doesn’t believe in diversity of thought.

And Compton has created a guaranteed income for certain residents. Can this work?

No. Tony Katz did not mock Joe Biden

During a segment on FOX and Friends on FOX News, Tony Katz was discussing the muting of microphones at the next presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former VP Joe Biden.

During the conversation, Katz said President Trump’s interruptions – which the television audience won’t hear because of the muted microphones – could lead to VP Biden stuttering while being interrupted. Social media exploded, and pundits from across the web attacked Katz, claiming he mocked the VP for having a stutter.

Universal Basic Income is Making a Comeback

The city of Compton, California is implementing a program which guarantees income for two years. It would be the biggest instance of a city launching a universal income in the nation. Tony Katz takes a look at the concept of guaranteed income and what we could see next.