Month: September 2020

The Atlantic With The Lie to End All Lies – UPDATE

UPDATEAfter the interview, corroboration about part of the story came from Jennifer Griffin of FOX News. This was met with a denial from the White House, and tweets from President Trump that FOX should fire Griffin. Griffin has referred to her sources as, “unimpeachable.”

The interview with Kurt Schlichter remains in full. Tony will be updating this story on his radio shows on Tuesday.

We all know the media loves to make up stories about Donald Trump, but this one was a doozy. A report from “anonymous sources” claims that President Trump called fallen soldIers “losers”. The story was quickly debunked, but Kurt Schlichter joined Tony Katz to discuss just how ridiculous these kinds of stories are.

A COVID Vaccine in November Is Absolutely Political

The report came out saying that the CDC could have a vaccine as early as November. Tony Katz is saying right now that if a COVID-19 vaccine comes out only a few days before the election then it is absolutely a political move.

Katz on FOX: Renaming of DC Monuments & Nancy Pelosi’s Elitist Haircut

The push to rename monuments has grown even louder as the protests and riots continue to take place across the country. Tony Katz spoke on Fox about the idea of changing the names of historic monuments. Katz also discussed Nancy Pelosi getting caught sitting inside for a haircut after she scolded others for doing the same.

Katz on Fox & Friends: Biden’s Push to Blame Trump for Riots

Tony Katz joined Fox and Friends to discuss the 2020 campaign. A major topic of conversation right now are the protests and riots taking place across the country. President Trump has declared himself the “Law and Order” candidate, but Joe Biden is trying to flip the narrative. Will Biden’s messaging work? Katz discusses