Month: September 2020

Joe Biden Delivers a C+ Performance During Town Hall

After President Trump held a town hall, his opponent did the same. Joe Biden participated in a town hall hosted by Anderson Cooper. Biden is known for his verbal gaffes and there were plenty to be had during the evening. Tony Katz goes through the Biden town hall and gives his review.

What The Hell is Going on with Big Ten Football?

It was only a month ago when the Big Ten came out strongly and said that no college football would be played in the Fall of 2020. They made their decision and said they’d not be revisiting the issue.

One month later, the Big Ten has now come out again to say that they’ve changed their minds. Big Ten football is back. So just what happened here? ESPN radio host Chris Schmidt talks to Tony Katz about why the Big Ten flip flopped after one month.

Jim Geraghty: The Price of Unrealistic Optimism

Jim Geraghty’s most recent piece in National Review takes a look at normalcy bias when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. He and Tony Katz discuss what actions have taken place that have led us here and what solutions do we have?

NFL Teams Send Social Justice Messages

Week 1 of the NFL season saw nearly every team make a social justice statement. Teams took a knee, put out a unified message or didn’t come out for the anthem. Tony Katz examines if the protests were effective and how fans will respond.

The Cuties Controversy and Why It’s a Big Deal

The Netflix film, Cuties, arrived to Netlifx with a heap of controversy. The film follows a group of 11-year old girls who join a “twerking” team. The girls perform suggestive dances in skimpy outfits that overly sexualize them. Tony Katz explains how this is just another example of society’s attempts to give children agency and normalize this behavior.

Trump “Downplaying The Virus” Doesn’t Move The Needle

A new quote from Donald Trump has many people upset. President Trump agreed to numerous interviews with journalist, Bob Woodward. Woodward had previously published a book about the Trump administration. For his 2nd book, the President agreed to participate.

During the interview, the President was recorded saying that he downplayed the severity of the COVID-19 virus. Trump continued to say that he was trying to not cause a panic with Americans.

Tony Katz takes a look at the quotes and explains that while it was a poor idea for Trump to agree to this interview, it doesn’t move the needle when it comes to the 2020 election.

The Oscars Take Woke to The Extreme

The Oscars have always been a platform for the woke. Celebrities and the media love to call out what they feel are injustices in America. Now they have decided that they are taking action. There are new standards for how a movie gets nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. If your cast does not include “underrepresented racial or ethnic groups” then you are ineligible to win the award.

Uncomfortable Conversations: Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory is an idea that everything in society is related to race relations. It’s the idea that race determines every single aspect of our lives, even if we are unaware of it. Tony Katz takes a look at this concept and how the Trump administration is responding to schools that teach this theory.