Month: August 2020

The 6% Has Got Everybody Losing Their Minds

A CDC report recently came out that has people losing their minds. The data says that 94% of those who have died from COVID-19 also had underlying conditions. That leaves 6% who have died from solely from COVID-19. Tony Katz takes a look at the data and explains what it actually means and why this is further proof that the lockdowns needs to stop

NBA Players Rush to Boycott Without Having All The Information

There is still an investigation to be done, but NBA players have already made their voices heard by refusing to play. The Milwaukee Bucks set the precedent by not coming onto the court for their playoff game. The act was a protest of the shooting of Jacob Blake. After that, teams across the NBA, MLS, WNBA and MLB followed suit by not playing as an act of protest. Tony Katz has no problem with players protesting, but as more details come out about the shooting of Jacob Blake, Katz wonders if the narrative will change once more facts about the shooting come to light

People Are Starting To Realize Shutting Down Was a Bad Idea

They’re six months late, but people are finally starting to figure out that shutting everything down was a bad idea. We’re seeing commentary from across the country that people are tired of the fear mongering. Tony Katz walks us through everything that has taken place since the COVID-19 pandemic began and how Americans are starting to figure out that we handled this the wrong way

Night One At The RNC Was a Home Run

It took the Democrats 3.5 days to finally put together a memorable moment at their convention. It took the Republicans 3.5 minutes to create a moment at their convention. The GOP came out swinging during the first night of the RNC. There was more of a personal touch than normally seen out of the Trump presidency. Fox Business host, Charles Payne joins Tony Katz to discuss what stood out

Will The NBA Stay Silent on Montrezl Harrell?

During an NBA game, Los Angeles Clippers player, Montrezl Harrell was caught on camera calling another player a “bitch ass white boy.” In today’s world where everyone is getting fired or cancelled for comments and actions that some people consider racist, has the NBA made a statement on Harrell? Will he get suspended? Tony Katz doesn’t think so, but why are we so inconsistent with cancel culture?

The Failures of The FDA

Tony Katz admits that the United States was not where they should have been in terms of COVID-19 testing. How did we get off to such a slow start and what changes have we made to rectify our early errors? Phil Kerpen, the President of American Commitment joins Tony Katz to discuss.

3 Things The Midwest Wants To Hear From The RNC

During four nights of the Democratic National Convention, there was lots of lip-service given to bringing good paying jobs to America. But farmers were really only referenced once, and manufacturing barely got noticed. Rather, it was radical hate, radical calls for justice and radical ideas for the country like the Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal doesn’t create jobs, it destroys farmers and manufacturing.

The Midwest got short-shrift. And those still wondering where to cast their vote found nothing of substance from Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s platitudes. Here are three things the RNC must say to get fence-sitters in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio to vote for Trump:

1 – Remind farmers of trade deals made, and of more trade deals on the way

It’s good to sell soybeans to China, but farmers have no faith in a China deal lasting long term. Republicans must focus on potential and completed trade deals to get farmers excited. Specifically, how US farmers can sell the EU more corn to fuel their ethanol craze.

2 – Reduce more regulations

The Trump team has not done enough to explain to America how reducing regulation has not only saved Americans billions of dollars, but has put those dollars into new equipment, new opportunities, new jobs and put new dollars in their pockets. They should announce further regulation reduction to ease the burden on manufacturers, and encourage growth.

3 – Drug independence means drug manufacturing

Coronavirus has exposed a massive problem: America relies far too much on China for life-saving medicine for those we love. America must begin the manufacture of those drugs immediately. The Midwest is craving opportunities to further build out its medical growth. If Trump is smart, he will drill down on this need and identify the Midwest as the place to bring investment and tax incentives.

We know the RNC will talk about law and order – something that the DNC also avoided – and that conversation is a winner. But jobs can not be overlooked. Moreover, respect for the people who actually build America is what the Midwest is looking for…and what they will respond to.

Operation Hawk Freedom

Having lunch after my midday radio show, I noticed something moving in the trees in my backyard. We have lots of hawks and other birds flying around often, but this was different. It was flapping, but not moving.

I checked it out, and found that it was a hawk that had gotten tied up in some fishing line. And it was stuck by its right wing on a tree branch. Turns out, it had two fishing lures stuck in him (or her, for all I know.)

One call to our local support services brought us Austin. His one call brought us the guys from Carmel Fire Department, Engine 344. And 30 minutes later, we had one free hawk.

Let’s Settle The “Fine People On Both Sides” Narrative

Tony Katz was planning to start the show discussing Joe Biden’s speech at the DNC, but then he saw that “Charlottesville” was trending. For years, the narrative has been that President Trump called neo-Nazi’s “very fine people”. Let’s actually go back and look at what he said so we can end this narrative.

A History of Marxism. Katz & Newt Gingrich

The former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich joined Tony Katz to discuss the current state of American politics. As riots continue to take place across the country, Tony Katz wanted to be able to properly confront this violence and in order to do that, we had to have an understanding of what we are dealing with. Katz and Newt Gingrich had an in-depth discussion on the history of Marxism.