DeSean Jackson was wrong for his antiSemitic posts, but the Eagles Should Not Fire Him

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson posted vile antiSemitic and bigoted statements on his Instagram account, as well as showering praise on long-time bigot Louis Farrakhan.

I’m Jewish, in case you didn’t know. And I don’t think he should be fired:

Jackson was wrong. Farrakhan is disgusting, and quoting Hitler is just beyond low. Jackson has apologized, saying he has no hate for Jewish people, and has spoken with the team ownership about the issue. Both team owner Jeffrey Lurie and general manager Howie Roseman are Jewish.

The Eagles are more than justified in firing him for violating the team’s, or the NFL’s, code of conduct. However, I favor ending Cancel Culture. And to do so, we actually have to end it.

We need to be having an open conversation about why Farrakhan is despicable. We need to call out Jackson for his statements, like we need to call out Ice Cube for his Farrakhan support, and Rep. Andre Carson of Indianapolis for his unwillingness to denounce him. 

Yes, if I said anything like that on my radio shows, I’d be fired. No, I am not sure his “apology” is sincere. And yes, without question, I understand the double standards that are constantly employed by Leftists. But we need to stop firing people for what they say. When we end Cancel Culture, we have a better chance of open dialogue, which leads to a better society.

We need to explain why Farrakahn is horrible, so others will learn the truth.