Is Ice Cube Seriously Defending Louis Farrakhan?

Very rarely do I agree with CNN’s Jake Tapper. But his competent, honest assessment of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is refreshing. Farrakhan is a bigot – he hates Jews, he hates women, he hates white people. And Tapper has never shied away from these facts.

Many others have. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and former President Bill Clinton appeared with him at the funeral of Aretha Franklin. Why was Farrakhan invited? Ask Aretha, if you have a conduit to the afterlife. Why would Clinton, Jackson or Sharpton sit next to him? You’ll never get the chance to ask, and those that do get the chance – sans Tapper – most definitely won’t.

Indianapolis Democratic Rep. Andre Carson defends his relationship with Farrakhan. He has said numerous times that he would work with the bigoted minister. Women’s March former leader Tamika Mallory has praised Farrakhan, going on “The View” and referring to him as, “the Goat.” GOAT stands for “Greatest Of All Time.”

Recently, Tapper responded to a tweet from tv network FOX Soul, which noted that Farrakhan would be delivering his “message to America” on the network on July 4th.

Tapper responded to the news with clarity:

Responding to Tapper was actor, rapper and Big 3 founder Ice Cube. His response, however, was not one of agreement:

Yes, Ice Cube is supporting the bigot Louis Farrakhan. And he’s doing so with a threat-questionable line of, “Watch your mouth.” If there is any question that Ice Cube is an ardent Farrakhan supporter, you only have to go back a month on his Twitter feed:

And just a few days before that to see that he and Farrakhan seem to share the same antiSemitic views:

It’s the standard antiSemitic caricature of Jews, playing what looks like Monopoly, on the backs of black people.

Ice Cube defends Farrakhan, pushes his own hatred and threatens those who stand up and notice his bigotry. (I get it, a threat may very well be in the ear of the beholder. But, ask yourself: What happens if Jake Tapper doesn’t watch his mouth?) In case there is any question, here’s a partial list of Farrakhan’s statements:

Why FOX Soul thought they should air a message from Farrakhan is a mystery, and it’s good that the public spoke out and the network pulled the address. The more people learn about Farrakhan and his bigotry, the more people who distance themselves from Farrakhan and repudiate him and his hate, the more Farrakhan is regulated to the fringes, the better.

No one should stay silent where Louis Farrakhan is concerned. And no one should think that Ice Cube’s ugly support is beyond recognition and repudiation.