Twitter Fact-Checks Trump With Midwest Hater

Low people bag on the Midwest. Usually, it’s coastal elitists who have never been to the middle of America, and have never bothered to look at what the Midwest has to offer. They pay no attention to the growth; that people are leaving the Northeast and California for places that offer them financial opportunities, friendly tax rates and a house they can afford.

One of those people is Twitter’s head of site integrity, Yoel Roth. Recently, Twitter decided to “fact check” President Trump’s tweets. Deciding that President Trump has engaged in unacceptable behavior by openly discussing the potential problems with state-wide mail-in voting – and the fraud that can potentially come with it – Twitter added to his tweet on the subject, “Get the facts about mail-in ballots:”

Click the link, and it takes you to posts from the Washington Post and CNN. These, according to Twitter, are the places to get “the facts.” CNN got near every fact in the Russia probe wrong, and then gave proven FBI liar Andrew McCabe a job. The Washington Post tried to destroy the life of high school student Nicholas Sandmann, claiming he was mocking a Native American man, Nathan Phillips, by just standing there while Phillips banged a drum in his face. CNN personalities said Sandmann had a “punchable face.”

Sandmann sued CNN for $275 million. The case was settled. He sued WaPo for $250 million. The case was dismissed.

Nevermind the issues with “fact-checking” to being with. (They fact check Trump, but will they fact-check the World Health Organization? Or the Southern Poverty Law Center? Or Joy Behar?) If Roth is the person deciding what facts are being checked, and what sources are being used to check President Trump, a quick look at this Twitter feed tells you what he thinks of Trump, and the Midwesterners that voted for him.

First, a Nazi comparison:

Then, in case you didn’t know what he thinks of the President:

But what level of hate is complete without an unwarranted attack on the Midwest:

Being born in Brooklyn, raised in New Jersey, having spent years in Washington DC, Tampa Bay and Los Angeles, I now call Indianapolis, Indiana home. And if I’ve discovered anything, it’s that low people use the Midwest as a punching bag because their low friends like it. They dwell happily in their ignorance and uncuriousness of the nation they are a part of; delusional in their belief that it is better to live in a city where people are paid six-figure salaries to pick up human feces off the streets.

It’s the same thought process that has Bill Maher saying the Midwest is jealous of Los Angeles because those in the Midwest, “…want to be us.”

Still being relatively new to the Midwest, I’m not quite sure which expression best sums up the way Midwesterners feel about these types of people. The expression that comes to mind actually comes from the South: “Bless Your Heart.” I’m still learning about the home I love, but I know for sure that someone who engages like this has no business fact-checking anyone. Someone like this shouldn’t be your employee.

You betcha.