Month: May 2020

Tony Katz responds on FOX News to Dana Perino’s Interview with Mark Zuckerberg about free speech

Tony Katz spoke with Dana Perino on The Daily Briefing concerning the recent comments from Mark Zuckerberg concerning social media. Zuckerberg spoke with Dana Perino about social media bias. President Trump has also been very vocal with his concerns about censorship. Katz discusses potential solutions with Dana.

EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Joni Ernst Sticks Up For The Midwest

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst joined Tony Katz to discuss agriculture updates in the Midwest, the CARES Act as well as her pride for the Midwest and how she responds to those who diminish it 

Twitter Fact-Checks Trump With Midwest Hater

Low people bag on the Midwest. Usually, it’s coastal elitists who have never been to the middle of America, and have never bothered to look at what the Midwest has to offer. They pay no attention to the growth; that people are leaving the Northeast and California for places that offer them financial opportunities, friendly tax rates and a house they can afford.

One of those people is Twitter’s head of site integrity, Yoel Roth. Recently, Twitter decided to “fact check” President Trump’s tweets. Deciding that President Trump has engaged in unacceptable behavior by openly discussing the potential problems with state-wide mail-in voting – and the fraud that can potentially come with it – Twitter added to his tweet on the subject, “Get the facts about mail-in ballots:”

Click the link, and it takes you to posts from the Washington Post and CNN. These, according to Twitter, are the places to get “the facts.” CNN got near every fact in the Russia probe wrong, and then gave proven FBI liar Andrew McCabe a job. The Washington Post tried to destroy the life of high school student Nicholas Sandmann, claiming he was mocking a Native American man, Nathan Phillips, by just standing there while Phillips banged a drum in his face. CNN personalities said Sandmann had a “punchable face.”

Sandmann sued CNN for $275 million. The case was settled. He sued WaPo for $250 million. The case was dismissed.

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Who is Fact Checking Twitter?

The social media platform turned heads last night after inserting a “fact check” on President Trump’s tweet about mail in voting. The President was adamant that mail in voting would cause wide spread voter fraud. In response, Twitter placed a notification under the President’s tweet where users could “learn the facts about mail in voting.”

Tony Katz says that this one action has signaled that Twitter is moving on from their business model as a platform for content and is now in the business of deciding what content is valuable.

You Can Make Fun of Biden For Plenty, But Not For Wearing a Mask

Several media pundits are taking aim at Joe Biden for wearing a mask when he went out in public. Tony Katz warns that this is a losing argument. America isn’t going to back anyone saying that face masks are a sign of weakness. There are dozens of other things that Joe Biden can be mocked for, but this ain’t one of them.

The New York Centric Mindset Has Created a Problem For America

New York is the media capital of the world. What happens in New York is broadcast across the entire country and due to this, New Yorkers think that they are more important than everyone else. Tony Katz says that New York is not as important as they think they are. Just because there is a high concentration of COVID-19 cases in New York, does not mean everyone else in the country should alter their own lives. The New York point of view has deceived Americans into thinking we should live our lives in accordance with New York values.

Katz on Fox & Friends: Biden Catering to Progressive Voters

Tony Katz joined Fox and Friends to discuss the progress of Joe Biden and his push to win over progressive voters. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have formed a “Unity Task Force”. The goal is to unite the entirety of the Democratic party under Joe Biden, but will the support of Sanders and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez be enough for Biden to attract the Bernie supporters who have refused to vote for a non-progressive candidate.

A Virus Worse Than Covid-19

There should be no doubt that Coronavirus is not the flu, and not like the flu. The incoming science tells us it is far more insidious in its contagious abilities. It has killed people. It also has exposed areas where the United States must immediately shore-up it’s abilities: the production of PPE’s and the production of drugs being at the top amongst a laundry list of items.

There should also be no doubt that members of the media have worked in an overtime capacity to spin coronavirus to invoke repeated attacks on President Trump. One can say that Trump deserves blame for the coronavirus response, but to do so, they must bring receipts; proof of the wrongdoing. If you cast blame, you need to be able to back it up.

Backing up the case against the media is, unfortunately, too easy. On cable news and in print, setting the Narrative – On Trump and Dr. Anthony Fauci, on Gov. Andrew Cuomo vs. Gov. Ron DeSantis, on Republican states vs. Democrat states, on lockdowns vs. liberty – has become job number one.

Narrative, as I define it, is the story pushed and perpetuated by American media, cultural elite and academia to ridicule, reduce and/or remove their cultural and political foes.

The latest example of Narrative was the Memorial Day Weekend edition of the New York Times. The headline read, “US Deaths Near 100,000. An Incalculable Loss.”

As Noah Rothman wrote at Commentary Magazine:

“Narrative journalism” is all the rage, in part, because it’s a smart business strategy. As the abstract of one 2019 study explained: “Views on the promises of narrative journalism stress its supposed positive influence on audience engagement and appreciation, an asset of increasing importance in light of the current crisis in journalism that is characterized by declining newspaper circulation.” And while the concept of narrative is an element in all storytelling, telling a tale in a compelling fashion is not synonymous with the prosecutorial portrayal of the facts in evidence. Indeed, these two objectives are sometimes in direct conflict.

But that business strategy comes not from an economic platform, but from an ideological one. In the case of coronavirus, the ideology states that Trump must be blamed at all costs. For example, Trump must be blamed for shutting down travel between China and the US, under the guise of xenophobia. Then, when circumstances changed, and it became clear that shutting down travel from China was beneficial, Trump must be blamed for not shutting down travel quick enough, and not just for Chinese nationals. Trump should have shut down the ability for American citizens to return to America!

The data matters not. The facts simply dispensable. The focus neither health nor safety. It’s about Power. Winning. Victory. The ends always justifying the means.

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Trump Needs to Stop With The Joe Scarborough Murder Conspiracy

The President is no fan of Joe Scarborough. The two have had major beef over the years. Scarborough has been extremely critical of near everything Trump has done and the President has responded in kind, but things are now going to the next level. Trump is now pushing a conspiracy theory that the Morning Joe host murdered an intern during his time in Congress. The President is no stranger to controversy, but Tony Katz says this one is way too far.

There is Nothing Great About the New York Times

The New York Times made quite the statement with their latest cover. Tony Katz explains why the New York Times’ job is no longer to inform, but to destroy.

The headline read, “U.S Deaths Near 100,000. An Incalculable Loss.” Listed below the headline were 1000 names. Each of a names was an American who died of COVID-19. At least, that’s what the New York Times told us. A little research revealed that the list was riddled with errors. Why do we continue to trust what they have to say?