Month: April 2020

Don’t Throw A House Party During Quarantine or If Your Mom is a First Responder

We have a new nominee for worst person of the week. A 26-year old in Chicago held a house party at his mother’s house that attracted 200 people. If that wasn’t stupid enough, it turns out his mother is a first responder and was coming off a 24-hour shift. What a tool 

EPA Administrator Says WaPo Lied About Their Disinfectant Warnings

The EPA Administrator, Andrew Wheeler, joined Tony Katz. The EPA has been active in addressing fraudulent COVID-19 disinfectants. The EPA is working directly with online retailers to remove inaccurate claims on products that claim to be effective against COVID-19.

“What we have done is approve products for use against coronavirus. As of today, we have approved almost 400 products that our listed on our website… Make sure the products you are purchasing are actually effective against the virus.”

Last week, the President had mentioned ultraviolent lights and disinfectants during the coronavirus press conference. The media came out with the story that the President encouraged people to inject bleach, which, of course, is not true.

Wheeler made mention of this, claiming that a Washington Post reporter called, refused to accept his answer and pushed the lie about President Trump anyway:

EPA ADMINISTRATOR ANDREW WHEELER: We put that warning (about not ingesting products) on all of our list of disinfectants. Anything we approve, we always have that disclaimer, no matter what the product is.

And we’ve had that disclaimer on our disinfectants list before the coronavirus, but certainly we’ve highlighted it since March 6th. 

We release the new list of disinfectants, the new approvals, every Thursday. And we released the list last Thursday, a couple of hours before the President’s press conference. That disclaimer is always on our press release.

And we actually had [sic] Washington Post reporter called and said, “You put this on here because of the President’s press conference, didn’t you?” I said, “No. Actually, our press release went out a couple of hours before the press conference.

And then they ran a story over the weekend saying that EPA had to backtrack on the President’s statement, which is not the case at all. 

But that just shows you how the media has their own, has an incredible bias. They just run with the story and they make facts up. We specifically told them no.

TONY KATZ: The Washington Post called you to confirm. You told them that’s not the way it happened, and they ran the story anyway?

WHEELER: Yes, absolutely.

The Audacity of Deception

It seems that the media and politicians who don’t care for President Trump are working overtime to discredit him, even going so far as to tell outright lies to get their point across. Governors, talk show hosts and reporters are all trying to outdo each other for the ultimate prize of must audacious form of deception. Whether that be telling people that Trump encouraged citizens to drink bleach, or comparing COVID-19 deaths to Vietnam- these people will stop at nothing. Tony Katz lays out the top contenders for this week.

Put on Some Pants: Zoom Tips with Tony Katz

Tony Katz is tired of hearing stories about how people are having a business meeting on Zoom, while nonsense is occurring in the background. Put your cat away and put on some pants. Tony sits you down and tells you exactly how to conduct yourself 

Nevada Taxpayers Are Funding Communist Radio

Las Vegas Public Radio Station may seem like a standard operation. Their site describes their station as a right wing FM talk station. The truth is a little more complicated. It turns out that this Las Vegas station is owned by Huawei. The communist owned corporation trying to control 5G has been pumping pro-China messaging, all while receiving tax dollars from Nevada residents.

Looking At Polling In April is a Pointless Task

There is not a person alive who could tell you what the country is feeling about the 2020 election. In this historic time, the polling that is coming out may as well be toilet paper. Several national polls have Biden ahead by 8-9 points, but 7 months out from the election and during a pandemic should automatically discount anything you read about 2020 polling. Tony Katz breaks it down

The Woke Won’t Call for an Investigation Into Biden’s #MeToo Moment

With the impending 2020 presidential election appearing that it will be a contest between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, it’s time to take a look at a story that is being kept very quiet. A sexual assault allegation was made against Joe Biden and the woke are staying silent on it. Tony Katz illustrates how the left really don’t care about #MeToo when it’s one of their own 

The President Did Not Suggest Injecting Bleach to Combat COVID-19

It was another coronavirus task force briefing and the President just couldn’t help himself. While taking questions, the President mentioned disinfectants inside the body as a possible treatment for the virus. Obviously, the President was not suggesting that people open a bottle of bleach and put it directly into their bodies, but the media ran with that angle. 

HUD Sec. Ben Carson Speaks to Katz on Assisting Homeowners

HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson spoke to Tony Katz to discuss how the department of Housing and Urban Development is handling the living conditions of American families during this pandemic.

President Trump recently signed the CARES Act, sending $12 billion to HUD. The CARES Act allocates funds to homeowners most at risk. Secretary Carson also issued immediate relief to homeowners by suspending all foreclosures and evictions for 60 days.

Katz and Sec. Carson break down what the next several months look like for homeowners and how the federal government will be assisting.

Why The Hell Are We Still Buying Stuff From China?!

The Governor of California sent a billion dollars to China for masks. Are you kidding me? China’s lies have gotten us into this mess and now you want to send them some cash? Enough is enough. If there was a ever a time that the entire world needed to stand up and move on from China, it is now