Month: March 2020

Stopping A Society Doesn’t Save A Society

Tony Katz is not on board with Governors shutting down cities to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. At what point is it OK to completely cripple an economy? It’s important that we listen to our experts, but we shouldn’t allow them to be making decisions for us. If your idea of saving society is by preemptively destroying it., then what are we even doing?

Tony Katz on Fox News: How Midwestern Restaurants Are Handling COVID-19 Closures

Tony Katz took his talents to the streets of Indianapolis. Speaking on Fox News on Leland Littert’s show, Tony was on location outside Havana Cigar Lounge to talk about how restaurants and bars across the midwest are handling closures due to COVID-19.

Tony explains to Leland how people from all walks of life and members of both political parties are banding together and rallying around keeping local business afloat.

Insider Trading Is Apparently Legal For Members of Congress

In one of the most disgusting, slimy and unethical things you will ever see, members of Congress preemptively sold off millions of shares of stock after advanced meetings concerning COVID-19. Before the rest of the world knew anything about it, members of Congress were already looking to make a profit. In the real world this is known as insider trading, but apparently it’s not a problem for Senators. Tony Katz hopes this is a moment where people figure out the grift.

Should The Markets Be Making You Panic?

It’s been a rough couple weeks for the markets. Stocks have plummeted due to coronavirus and the subsequent closures of businesses across the world. Charles Payne of Fox Business joins Tony Katz to discuss what market watchers should expect to see in the immediate future and how Wall Street is going to combat COVID-19.


The White House has been making daily briefings to update the American people on any updates with the Coronavirus. Some have been critical of the White House’s messaging. Former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino joins Tony Katz to give her perspective.

“I’m reluctant to criticize the White House response, even back when it was the Obama administration, because it’s totally different from the outside looking in. We don’t know what kind of information they’re getting. We don’t know what the intel was. I think it was uneven at best… We’re in the middle of a major health crisis. There was a line that if you think you’re being too cautious then you’re doing it right.”

Midwestern Restaurants Forced To Adjust After COVID-19 Closures

Following similar decisions from neighboring states, Gov. Holcomb made the decision that Indiana restaurants and bars will be shut down to dine-in patrons during the coronavirus pandemic. Restaurants and bars will be permitted to serve customers who order food to be picked up.

Michael Cunningham is the founder and CEO of Cunningham Restaurant Group. The group owns dozens of restaurants across Indiana and the Midwest, including Bru Burger, Stone Creek Dining and Rize, all of which are affected by the new policy.

Michael spoke to Tony Katz about how the Governor’s decision is going to affect business. Cunningham says that a portion of their menus would not be feasible to send out on delivery.

“We are going to streamline our menus. We are signing on with DoorDash immediately. We are going with 40% of our menu, so we are taking the day to regroup and get it all into place.”

The restaurant group has hundreds of employees and with a significant drop in revenue expected, Cunningham says some tough decisions are going to have to be made.

“We are trying to keep as many people working as possible, but from what we’ve heard this may go on for as many as 12 to 16 weeks. Without having revenue coming in, the cash spend is immense, so we’re going to have to make some tough calls.” 

Rep. Nan Hayworth on How State and Federal Gov. Have Handled Coronavirus

Governors across the country are closing down restaurants and bars from the public due to coronavirus fears. Are states making the right decision? Rep. Nan Hayworth joins Tony Katz to address how the state and federal government have been handling the situation and what actions should be in place as the pandemic continues 

Katz on Fox & Friends: Biden Delivered In Latest Debate

While the world was occupied by the latest developments involving Coronavirus, there was another debate between the last two Democrats in the race for President. Tony Katz joined Fox and Friends to discuss the debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

“Joe Biden came across as extremely effective. He did the one thing that nobody thought he could do; he got through sentences without stammering… While I don’t agree with him on policy, he was very clear in his statement.”

Katz on Fox & Friends: Bernie Won’t Be Dropping Out

Tony Katz was featured on Fox and Friends the day after Bernie Sanders got decimated in a slew of primaries. The Sanders campaign held a press conference to announce they wouldn’t be getting out of the race, despite there being little to no hope of him overtaking Joe Biden in the delegate count. Tony Katz says we shouldn’t prepare for a Sanders withdrawal anytime soon.

Progressives Continue Their Crusade Against The Supreme Court

According to the progressive left, the John Roberts led Supreme Court is simply an instrument for the Trump administration to use at their will. Tony Katz speaks as to how dangerous and nonsensical this argument is