Debt Is Preventing Millennials From Getting Laid

The average American has tens of thousands of dollars of debt. While having to pay student loans or credit card bills on a monthly basis can by trying on an individual, but according to millennials, there debt is preventing them from having sex.

“Will the new generation realize that the key to having a great sex life is by not taking on debt? It seems obvious to me… It only shows that going to college is an impediment on your life. If that’s too harsh, then I’ll say that there comes a point where the cost of college is not worth the debt you take on.”

Tony Katz is a strong advocate of high school graduates taking an apprenticeship for a year before deciding whether to attend college.

“The rush to college is a bad idea. It’s a bad idea to throw our kids out there like that. The truth is that this isn’t about millennials being millennials. It’s about realizing that this doesn’t work.”