Month: November 2019

Rust Belt Voters Support Trump

Tony Katz spoke to FOX and Friends about Rust Belt voters and whether they will go for President Trump again. New York Post columnist Salena Zito, author of The Great Revolt, posted a story about Rust Belt voters and the 2020 election. Tony explained why she was correct in her assessment

Tony Katz on FOX – SNL Miss, Is It Between Warren and Buttigieg, And What About A Democratic Party Savior?

Tony Katz spoke with Ed Henry, Pete Hegseth and Jedidiah Bila on FOX and Friends about the Saturday Night Live skit that mocked Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s $52 trillion healthcare plan.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg says the race comes down to him and Sen. Warren and their policy differences. Tony calls this a smart play by Buttigieg, as he thinks he can be the consensus candidate of the Democratic Party.

But, Tony warns, Hillary Clinton and Mike Bloomberg are in the wings, waiting for their chance to play savior of the party.