Month: August 2018

CNN’s Don Lemon Says President Trump Traffics In Racism. Tony Katz Ends That Myth Quickly

After the back and forth between President Donald Trump and NBA superstar LeBron James, CNN host Don Lemon got into the act. It was Lemon to whom President Trump referred to as the “dumbest man on tv,” and that James “looked smart” compared to Lemon. [Tony Katz]( addressed this [in his podcast here](

Lemon then took over nine minutes of his TV broadcast to lay a serious of claims at Trump’s feet, the most egregious being that President Trump is a racist.

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208 – Sanctions For Iran, Chicago Should Take This One Risk And $25 For Your Baby

President Donald Trump has new sanctions for Iran, including the warning to the world that if you work with Iran you can’t work with the United States. Tony Katz discusses the importance of remembering what kind of nation Iran is, and the big difference between its leadership and its people.

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207 – Randy Moss Tie, Peter Fonda Supports Voter Fraud And Angela Merkel Is What?

Most NFL protests have involved players taking a knee during the National Anthem. Tony Katz discusses the protest former player and new Hall of Fame member Randy Moss took during the induction ceremony. Tony says his protest was just fine, and has been done many times in history. There’s just one problem with it….he didn’t have the facts.

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Trump Vs. LeBron – The Final Word

Tony Katz has his final word on the fight between NBA superstar LeBron James and President Donald Trump:

LeBron said Trump was dividing the nation through sports, and is unwilling to even speak to him face to face. On Twitter, President Trump called him dumb, and says Michael Jordan is better.

Let’s end this: LeBron’s comments were rude and arrogant. Trump’s tweet was nonsense. Can we focus on the important things now?

205 – Hispanic Unemployment Is Low, But Sarah Jeong Of The New York Times Is Lower

The job numbers are out, and a record number of Americans are working. Tony Katz explains that although the job numbers missed expectations, the economy is going strong. This has been felt by Hispanic and Latino Americans, as they are experiencing record low unemployment. This goes along with a theory that Hispanics and Latinos have a favorable opinion of President Donald Trump. Read More

204 – Jason Whitlock Sides With Papa John And Cowboys Dak Prescott Gets Heat For Not Taking A Knee

Tony Katz looks into the comments of sports commentator Jason Whitlock, who questions why there is so much animosity towards Papa John’s founder John Schnatter. Whitlock is asking if the reaction to Schnatter’s comments were over the top? Read More

203 – Find Your Fortnite Coach And Why Does Jimmy Kimmel Even Care?

Jimmy Kimmel had former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on his show this week, and Tony Katz is trying to understand why? It’s not because Spicer is trying to sell his new book, The Briefing. It’s because Kimmel, who hates President Trump, was hoping that someone he hated just a few years ago could be his temporary friend and say a few nasty things about the President. Read More

202 – Twitter’s Hate Speech, Netflix Hearts Farrakhan And Tony Needs A Dog

Twitter has decided to hire “academics” to look at so-called hate speech on their platform, to help weed it out to give users a more pleasurable experience. Tony Katz looks at what some people mean by hate speech, and explains why going down this rabbit hole ends well for no one. Read More

201 – The Real “Enemy Of The People” And Hate Crime Fail

Tony Katz questions the media’s constant refrain that President Trump is putting journalists at risk. The New York Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger says he met with the President to tell him how he’s endangering journalists when he calls them the “enemy of the people.” Read More