Month: May 2015

Three Stories of Crazy

The clothing retailer Pac Sun has decided to carry a t-shirt with an upside down American flag and an anarchy symbol. Online, teenagers across the country are trying to summon a demon. And, if that’s not crazy enough, the talking heads at MSNBC don’t understand how raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour will put businesses in San Francisco out of business.

Yes. There is a whole lot of crazy out there.

Tony Katz on Memorial Day

Before Memorial Day arrived, Tony Katz spoke about the importance of the day and why it should be remembered and celebrated.

Tony also spoke about those who choose to attack and admonish the military and their supporters. Those people must be cast aside for the truth. As he stated, “It is up to us to stand up to those hateful bastards.”

“You have an unbelievable opportunity…to be the first word your kids hear when they wake up and the very last word they hear before they go to bed. About who these men and women were, what they did and why they matter.”

“Memorial Day is for those who fell, not for those who weren’t even willing to stand up to begin with.”