Month: September 2014

The Real Owner of The Alaska Cannabis Club

From Tony –

By now, everyone has heard of Charlo Greene. Greene is the ungrateful former reporter for KTVA in Anchorage, Alaska who quit her job on the air. She didn’t just quit, she went out in a style reserved for the lowest class individuals, desperate for attention and unknowledgeable in the understanding of how to get the attention they desire.

Greene is a proponent of legalized marijuana in Alaska. Her passion is so strong, that she decided that she should move forward with her idea of the Alaska Cannabis Club, even proclaiming herself as its CEO.

However, she felt that she couldn’t continue as a reporter while pursuing her work at the Club. So, she quit her job. She didn’t do it with letter to her boss, and an appropriate amount of notice to allow the station to hire someone new. Rather, she proclaimed, on camera,

F**k it. I quit.

Charlo Greene used her position as a tv reporter to engage in sensationalism, and to try and make herself an instant celebrity. Instead, Greene threw her employer under the bus, showed a total disregard for her viewers and failed at her crass marketing attempt.

I hate crass marketing, but I love creative marketing.

So, allow me to introduce my new site, The Alaska Cannabis! The site discusses the marijuana laws in Alaska, along with links to help people better understand marijuana in the state. It also explains, very clearly, that Charlo Greene is not associated with the site in anyway.

Oh, and the site is for sale, in case you’re interested.

The Ideologically Obedient Democrat Party

You are not going crazy. You are not delusional. You are not making things up. You are not seeing things. You are rational, decent and aware. You are a normal human being who does not work for the MSM or belong to the Democrat Party (aka the Progressives, aka the Leftists, aka the Ted Kennedy/Bill Clinton Murder/Molestation Fan Club.) Because those people are crazy, are delusional and do make things up. As well as being, unfortunately, ideologically obedient and humanity absent.

We can start with foreign policy. Is anyone going to notice that John Kerry is more interested in protecting the brand of Islam – continually making the claim that we need to remind ourselves that Islam is peaceful – than killing ISIS members and Islamists?  Pro tip, medal thrower; kill all the radical Islamists and you won’t have to remind us of how peaceful Muslims are.

Is anyone going to notice that President Obama’s comments on “optics” are amazingly dense? Much was made of the “optics” of his decrying beheadings in the morning and then golfing in the afternoon. The reason, according to the White House flack office, was sports “clears the mind.”

Barack Obama claimed he cried when speaking to the family of journalist James Foley after Foley was beheaded by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, THEN WENT TO PLAY GOLF!  That’s not optics, that’s myoptics. It’s a new word that I’ve created to explain Obama’s attitude.  Myoptics is a condition in which the person in question can only see a golf course and themselves on it.

Is anyone going to notice that Joe Biden called bankers shylocks, a throwback to Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, and the very worst in Jewish stereotypes and Antisemitism?

If you think we should let this pass as just Joe being Joe, you’re crazier than someone who believes that ISIS is not Islamic! Crazy Uncle Joe might be crazy, but using “shylocks” proves that Joe Biden doesn’t pass the decency smell test. He’s failed the humanity test as well (like President, like Vice-President, I guess.)

And while they’re not noticing the Jew bashing, Is anyone going to notice that noted pseudo-academic and Native American wannabe Sen. Elizabeth Warren thinks it’s “fine” to equate jews and Nazis? Exactly how does one compare the systematic annihilation of Jews, gays and others to fighting the systematic annihilation of Jews, gays and others?

Is anyone going to notice that Obamacare still doesn’t work? Almost a year into forced healthcare and disaster still lurks around every corner. Minnesota just had a blow up, as their largest insurer, PreferredOne Health Insurance, is leaving the state, which will force millions to reapply for the super-great-awesome-happy-fun-time medical coverage with the insanely high deductible. Is anyone going to notice that Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and Sen. Al Franken were huge proponents of Obamacare? Is anyone also going to notice that they are in single digit races for reelection right now?

400,000 of the ideologically obedient took to the streets of New York for the People’s Climate March to spread the word on global warming climate change. Is anyone going to notice all the trash these so-called Earth-lovers left strewn across Manhattan? Also, is anyone going to notice that this march took place on the Upper West Side? Are these charlatans and science deniers so lazy that they can only protest in the backyards of the much richer ideologically obedient?

No, you’re not crazy for noticing. You’re only crazy for thinking they ever will, or for ever trusting them again.

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Tony Katz on Moms Demand Action and their tactics against Kroger

On the Morning Show with Tony Katz, Tony spoke about the latest attacks of Moms Demand Action. This time, they are going after Kroger for allowing open carry in states where it is legal.

What is the goal of Moms Demand Action and their leader, Shannon Watts? Are they trying to institute “common sense” gun reforms, or are they working towards the end of the Second Amendment as we know it?

Tony Katz Questions Sen. Ted Cruz on Gov. Mike Pence and Medicaid Expansion

At the Defending the Dream Summit in Dallas, TX, Tony Katz asked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) about his desire to repeal Obamacare in full. While Sen. Cruz favors repeal, some governors, including Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) have worked toward Medicaid expansion.

Sen. Cruz advised any governor from being “complicit” in solidifying Obamacare.

A Plan For The Hackers – Public Hangings?

Tony Katz understands that privacy seems to be dead in the digital world. Celebrities (like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Ariana Grande) and non-celebrities need to be aware of what they post online, and who they allow to access their computers.

But what of the hackers? Those who enjoy stealing private information and think they are above the law? Tony has an idea of how to handle them. Extreme? Maybe….or not.