Month: August 2014

There Is A Difference Between Looters and Protesters

Radio host Tony Katz spells out the difference between looters and protesters in Ferguson, MO.

A “Protester” is someone availing themselves of their First Amendment rights. In Ferguson, you may not agree with what they say, but their right to peacefully assemble and express their grievances comes well before your specific issue with their cause.

A “Looter” is someone who believes they are entitled to destroy or steal property, because they are “angry,” or for some other trigger. No one, no matter how angry nor no matter the cause of their anger (including the killing of Michael Brown by Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson,) has the right to take or destroy what is not rightfully theirs.

In short, Protesters should expect our support. Looters should expect to get shot.

Sam’s Meat Market in Ferguson gets Looted; Tony Katz orders 100lbs of Ribs in Support

From Tony

I was sickened when I saw the images of Sam’s Meat Market in Ferguson. The store had been looted; ransacked, really. Destroyed, if we’re being honest, based on the photos.

photo from @michaelcalhoun on Twitter

photo from @michaelcalhoun on Twitter

According to the report from Twitchy, the owners called the police, but they did not respond. So, the owners took their firearms and headed down to protect their property. The looters were already gone.

I put out a request on Twitter to find the owners. My friend and area business owner, Virginia Kruta of Kruta’s bakery (on the other side of the river in Illinois) found me their phone number and their Facebook page. No one answered the phone when I called, so I left a note on Facebook, showing my support and placing an order of 100lbs of ribs to help them get back on their feet.

I believe in the ability to peacefully assemble, and I understand the importance of protesting. I have no issue with those who are doing exactly that in Ferguson. But rioters and looters are different. They have no right to destroy or steal private property, no matter how angry they are.

Taking it a step further, I don’t care about what makes them angry. To the looters; your anger gives you no right to steal, and no right to destroy what is not rightfully yours. Anyone who tells you otherwise is, and has been, lying to you. I don’t have to understand your anger. I have to support those who are willing to protect themselves from your anger.

Here is the note I left for Sam’s Meat Market. I don’t know their politics, nor their economic situation. But I do know that I support those who protect and defend themselves, the one’s they love, their property and their livelihoods, as well as those who reach for the American Dream. I think we all should.

My name is Tony Katz, and I’d like to order 100lbs of ribs.

I feel sick that your store was looted and the police did nothing to help. I’m proud of you for showing up armed and ready to protect your property and your livelihood, even if it was too late to stop the looters.

I now live and work in Indianapolis, broadcasting on WIBC. But I got my start in radio on FM News Talk 97.1 in St. Louis. I owe the area a great deal.

When you’re ready, I’ll be happy to drive over and pick up the ribs, or whatever you suggest I get in their stead.

Stay strong, and please know that America is ready to help you rebuild.

Thank you.

– Tony

Photo from @michaelcalhoun on Twitter.

Indiana Attorney General Wants To Save The Children; Asks FDA To Regulate e-Cigs

Greg Zoeller, the Attorney General of Indiana, is asking the FDA to do more to regulate e-cigs. He believes that parents are not able to get the best results in protecting children from “big tobacco,” and that Attorneys General nationwide are best equipped to deal with what he calls a rising health risk.

Radio host Tony Katz sees this as just another nanny state issue that ignores the data (of which, there is little) and pushes agenda over actual knowledge. They discussed it at length on Tony’s morning show on WIBC.

Should the AG be working with the FDA to further regulate e-cigs? Let us know in the comments.

Does NASCAR Have To Teach Common Sense

In his latest video for WIBC, radio host Tony Katz questions whether – after the accident involving Tony Stewart and Kevin Ward, Jr. that left Ward dead – NASCAR (and all racing leagues) have to institute new rules for getting out of a car while under a Yellow flag. Is it up to the racing associations to teach common sense?

Kids Forced To Spend Hundreds On School Supplies

Tony Katz, host of the Morning News on 93.1FM WIBC, questions why school systems require students to bring in so many school supplies, including tissues.

With students going back to school across the country, Tony wonders what happened to the tax dollars that used to cover these student needs?

Anti-Israel Protesters Tell Jews to “Go Back Where They Come From”

In a video that can only be seen on, morning host Tony Katz interviewed anti-Israel protesters in Indianapolis.

One man, holding a sign that equated a swastika to a Star of David, said that Jews should “go back where they come from.” They also said that Jeff Smulyan, the CEO of Emmis Communications (which owns WIBC) was a Nazi.