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Can’t Fight The Culture War If You’re Not In The Culture War

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Has Greg Gutfield banned the term “culture war” yet? If not, its time we figured out what it means and how we fight it before he does.

As Animal House said it, “Fat, Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life.” Yet, on the “culture war,” conservatives continue to act just like that – with those who would rather invest in establishment instead of TV, film, music, art and literature; people ignorant that they’re losing ground to Progressives every day

The late Andrew Breitbart famously said “politics is downstream of culture,”  Years earlier (5th century BCE, actually) it was Damon of Athens who stated “Let me write the songs of a nation, and I care not who writes its laws.” Buffalo Springfield’s 1967 hit “For What It’s Worth” had more impact on the votes of members of Congress than the actual results of the Vietnam war. “For What It’s Worth,” which originally described riots on the Sunset Strip, was co-opted by the anti-war movement in the years that followed. The premature withdrawal that resulted from this cultural takeover cost many thousands of lives, and set the American psyche in a horrific direction.

Exactly how long will conservatives wait to get in the game?

Glenn Beck has ventured forth with “The Blaze,” and has a struck a chord based on a tremendous cult of personality. His TV network is now available on DISH and multiple cable outlets. I applaud this. But it is far from enough.

Sean Combs (P-Diddy to his friends, and self-proclaimed servant to President Obama) announced that he is starting a new network to rival MTV, which has enjoyed multiple decades of unmatched and unchallenged “Progressive” success. His project, called Revolt, is designed as a, “…multimedia platform with an emphasis on music programming, live content and social media, and distribution in urban markets.” Combs’ launch will be seen in 25 million homes via Time Warner Cable.

So we have Beck and FOX News (home to Howard Kurtz and key “Gang of 8” supporter, Bill O’Reilly) versus ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, MTV, Revolt, Pivot (starring Meghan McCain. Seriously. She has a show there,) Al-Jazeera and whatever other Progressive networks I missed. In 2014, Saturday Night Live’s Executive Producer Lorne Michaels will control 11.5 hours of late night TV each week – – Jimmy Fallon, Seth Myers and SNL.

Conservatives need to jump in with content-rich shows that are funny, entertaining and relevant. Shows that build loyal audiences. We can’t change culture if we’re off on the sidelines, or by talking about it. We have to be the culture.

Currently, we lack the proper and necessary funding apparatus to build that content.  That funding focuses its attention on the tried and true establishment wasteland. Translation: If you’re giving your money to Karl Rove and not to Conservative/Libertarian/Independent Hollywood content creators, you’re doing it all wrong.

A “culture war” victory would not solidify ideology, it would reinforce truth; Capitalism works. Socialism doesn’t. Sometimes, there is a clear right answer and a clear wrong answer. Corporations feed families. Cronyism is wrong regardless of who’s in power. A strong America is better for the world than a weak America. Oh, and America doesn’t suck.

Some are trying, myself included. Yet, in order to make progress, our side must be willing to invest and to lose (just like they did with Rove in 2012….except with the content creators, you have something to show for the effort.) We must have a willingness to try. Eventually, there will be a solid ROI. Ultimately, the return on investment is that we get to keep our country.

Otherwise, we’re all just Flounder.

Tony Katz On The Kudlow Report – IRS, NSA, China and The Price Is Right

Tony Katz joins Larry Kudlow on The Kudlow Report to talk about the IRS, the NSA, and a new level of fraud – exposed on The Price Is Right.

The NSA Is Listening:

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On China:

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The IRS:

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Insurance Fraudster Found On The Price Is Right:

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The Truth Is Progressive Kryptonite

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Scandal-Palooza is not going away, and the mainstream media has proved that it will pay some attention to it (we love you, Sheryl Attkisson and we stand with you, James Rosen!) But realizing that their ideological standard-bearers are in serious trouble (along with their future election victories), progressives are going out of their way to defend the indefensible. There is no depth to which the progressive won’t sink in pushing their beliefs and attacking non-believers.

The rational person looks at the IRS scandal with disgust. The idea that an administration would use a government agency to attack Americans is repugnant. Hell, it’s un-American! It’s the stuff of banana republics — or perhaps a Matt Damon film. But that is no deterrent for the progressive.

In Colorado, people signed a giant card to thank the IRS for targeting Tea Party groups. One could assume that it was those dreaded “low information voters” who didn’t know any better. But that’s not it. Low information voters think Benghazi is a salve for sore muscles. Signing a thank you card to the IRS for harassing Americans is proof of progressivism’s mental decay.

And did anyone else see the Lois Lerner disaster — her testimony — to the House Oversight committee? Before hiding behind the 5th amendment (which is very legal and, as Kurt Schlichter points out, paints her as the, “[p]oster child for the rampant corruption and petty tyranny,”) she lectured the committee about her innocence. Only a progressive can lecture people about their greatness, and then refuse to answer questions about their said greatness. Ok, progressives and Meghan McCain….but I repeat myself.

Progressive Guru Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) took to the NBC’s Meet The Press to defend potential (probable?) perjurer Attorney General Eric Holder. Schumer voiced support for both Holder and President Obama, and claimed that there is not a “scintilla” of evidence to show that Holder perjured himself regarding the warrants (signed by Holder to dig for information on Fox News reporter James Rosen):

“There have been all kinds of accusations, but I haven’t seen anything that would prevent him from doing his job,” Schumer said. “Obviously if there’s wrongdoing we should find out who did it, but the president has confidence in Holder and I believe he’s going to stay.”

“I don’t think there’s perjury,” Schumer said. “I don’t think any good criminal lawyer would say there’s a scintilla of evidence of perjury.

Of course not! No shred of evidence….except for the signature on the warrant. Aside from that, no evidence exists whatsoever. And, of course, no good criminal lawyers say there is any evidence either. Especially any lawyer who ever thought about being a judge or running for office as a Democrat one day. Nudge Nudge. Wink Wink. Say No More!

The sickness of progressivism is that there’s never a moment where they rightfully purge their ranks. The progressive feels neither guilt nor shame. Thus, they can’t state basic facts like, “I disagree with what Lois Lerner did, and whoever told her to do it.”

Admitting the truth is shunned by progressivism. If a progressive should dare even try (see: Juan Williams) they are in danger of losing their place in the collective. Instead, we get defenders who swoop in to make sure no damage is done. They don’t look to move away from the obviously disgusting and criminal, they move to console it or find political advantage in it.

The truth is their bottom. And they will do anything not to reach it.