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Opposing Nanny Bloomberg Is Not Anti-Semitism, It’s Common Sense

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On the network of hysterical opinion known as MSNBC, Morning Joe guest and contributor Mike Barnicle claimed that there was a “level of anti-semitism” aimed at New York Nanny Michael Bloomberg and his $12 million campaign to push gun control. It’s not anti-semitism. And those who think it is, as my grandmother would say, are mind-numbingly ignorant schumucks.

Barnicle was part of a panel discussing Bloomberg’s anti-gun rights ad campaign that included former Romney advisor Dan Senor, and MSNBC Race Baiter-In-Chief Al Sharpton. Senor stated that the Mayor of a Blue city should not be telling people in Red states how to live, saying that it probably “wasn’t constructive.” Barnicle, then added his insightful thoughts:

Let’s get down to it, Mike Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City…I mean, there’s a level of anti-Semitism in this thing, directed toward Bloomberg.

No. It’s not anti-semitism. How do I know? Because my brain works. Also, because Al Sharpton agreed with Barnicle. Rule of Thumb – If Sharpton agrees, its got to be a bad idea.

Nanny Bloomberg is wrong on many things. When you try to regulate the size of a person’s drink, when you regulate the amount of salt that a chef can use, when you want to prevent adults from purchasing and smoking premium cigars, when you attack lawful gun owners for engaging their Second Amendment rights – you’re wrong. And none of it has to do with him being Jewish.

A few years ago I popularized the term “Racer.” A Racer is someone who decides that because you don’t like President Obama’s policies, you’re a racist. Don’t like Obamacare? Then you’re a racist. Got a problem with nonstop vacations? Racist. Opposed to raising the debt limit? Racist. Barnicle is a Racer, but gave it his own little twist.

Opposing Bloomberg isn’t anti-semitic. It’s the right thing to do. Anti-semitism is real. Barnicle’s assessment is not. Barnicle, like a good “Racer,” uses the claim of anti-semitism to shut down conversation, preventing others from opposing Bloomberg’s control agenda. Bloomberg is wrong, and his nanny-esqe ways have ended the reign of New York as the greatest city in the world.

The Nanny likes control, and he’s trying to gain more of it every way he can. It’s not anti-semitic to point it out. It’s common sense

Another Liberal Radio Station Folds Because Of Money

In December, I reported on liberal talk station WVKO in Ohio, which went dark because they did not receive the kind of financial support they needed from advertisers and listeners. The station went so far as to blame the Obama campaign for not doing more advertising. Now, another liberal station calls it quits – and revenue is again to blame.

According to, Reno, NV liberal talk station KJFK announced that it will go dark on March 18th. (A screen shot of the announcement is posted below.) The line-up is a who’s who of left leaning hosts, including Thom Hartmann, Leslie Marshall and now MSNBC weekend mascot Ed Schultz. The problem? The money: (emphasis mine)

Given the volume of rhetoric dispensed on-air from “the other side”, we felt it vital to remain on-the-air through the 2012 General Election, despite the fact that KJFK has operated at a loss of thousands of dollars a month. Since we launched the station with an appearance by Al Franken in 2005, when nearly 500 people joined us at the Atlantis for now Senator Franken’s appearance just days after we hit the air, we’ve known a passionate audience has been with us all along. Unfortunately, this station was never able to generate the revenue necessary to sustain, and we simply cannot absorb the financial loss any longer.

Yes, the market is to blame. The station could not generate revenue. According to, KJFK was among the bottom of the ratings in the city. It’s Fall 2012 Arbitron share was a 1.7, compared with juggernaut talk station KKOH, which enjoyed a 8.8 share in the same time period. The KKOH line-up includes Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and Mark Levin.

The market isn’t to blame. It simply holds up a mirror to reality. A station that operates at a loss of “thousands of dollars a month” should close. When, after 8 years, you are unable to find “the revenue necessary to sustain” the station, the mirror doesn’t lie. Progressive talk works on TV, where no one ever asks a tough question of the host (kind of like the Obama Administration.)

However, when forced to deal with the real world, liberal talk doesn’t sell. (Which is exactly why liberals are so keen on the Fairness Doctrine. And yes, expect its unfortunate comeback.) Leftist radio doesn’t move an audience. There is not enough return for sponsors and advertisers. Even in a country where Democrats control the Presidency and the Senate, the market tells the tale.  Angry, nasty hosts like Bill Press and Mike Malloy (also on the now-defunct station) don’t create radio that people want.

Audiences aren’t buying liberal radio, because the product isn’t worth it.




Actor Joseph C. Phillips: Teacher Threatened My Son, Questioned His Mental State Over Photo Of BB Gun

In California, gun hysteria has reached such fanatical heights that teachers now feel empowered to confiscate student property, disregard their privacy, question their mental state and threaten police action – in front of other students. All have happened to the son of actor and entrepreneur Joseph C. Phillips, at El Camino Real Charter High School in Woodland Hills, CA.

Phillips, best known for his role as Lt. Martin Kendall on The Cosby Show, lives with his wife and three sons in the San Fernando Valley. In addition to being a regular fill-in host for Larry Elder on KABC radio in Los Angeles, he owns Daddy J’s Wingshack, where his 15-year-old son works and earned the money for an Airsoft bb gun. Last week his son brought a digital camera to school to show his friends a picture of the Airsoft.

On my radio show Saturday, Phillips explained that as his son was showing off the single photo, his Social Studies teacher, a Mr. James DeLarme, walked by. As his son described the incident, DeLarme “snatched” the camera out of his hand and asked him about the photo. When his son explained that it was a picture of an Airsoft bb gun, DeLarme declared the police would have to be notified and promptly left the room to confer with another teacher. The two teachers scrolled through all the photos on the camera, finally handing it back to the boy. Then, in front of all the students, DeLarme asked him, “Do you have any animosity towards your classmates?” and “Are you angry at anyone at school?”

Listen to the full interview here.

The school never notified Phillips or his wife. He learned about the incident from his son five days later. Phillips is livid:

…I’m not sure he’s qualified to teach social studies. He certainly isn’t qualified to psychoanalyze my kid. Looking through the photographs…what are they looking for? What are they qualified to determine by any other images on this camera? Tony, it is ridiculous.

It turns out that DeLarme has been public about his opposition to gun ownership. In an interview with the school paper, The King’s Courier, in the aftermath of Sandy Hook, he said “…our country’s position on gun control and violence is what makes such situations probable.”

Phillips spoke of the current anti-gun hysteria:

You see, Tony, and this is the reason I called you… I know there is sensitivity now about children coming into the school, shooting up their classmates. I get that. But at a certain point, people have to stand up and say “Enough with the hysteria! Enough is enough!” We are not going to sacrifice the dignity of our children, our own dignity… What they (the school) did is not keeping anyone safe.

Furious at the way his son had been treated, Phillips wrote a letter to the principal, Mr. David Fehte:

It may come as a shock to Mr. DeLarme, It may even be news to you, but my son is not the only boy in Woodland Hills with a BB gun.  There are quite a few boys attending your school who not only own BB guns, but own real guns as well. (Some of them play air soft with my son!) Their fathers, mothers, and brothers also own guns and shoot regularly.  Owning a gun is NOT a sign of mental illness.  Owning a BB gun is NOT an indication of mental instability! Certainly, showing friends a photograph of a gun is NOT a warning sign that a student is a potential danger to his classmates! I object, in the strongest of terms, to my son being treated as a potential danger and to his being threatened with law enforcement.  I further object to not being notified!  If Mr. DeLarme truly believed my son presented a danger, both my wife and I should have been notified immediately!

Rather than respond himself, Fehte dispatched a vice principal to answer Phillips’ letter. The vice-principal claimed, according to Phillips, that the teacher had done the right thing to, “secure the safety of the 3,000 students and the 250 faculty members at the school.” Secure their safety from what? A photo?

One wonders how many other El Camino Real High School students are being threatened and humiliated by their teachers, and how many parents are likewise uninformed.

Tony Katz Speaks With Heritage Foundation On Culture

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