Month: February 2012

Let the Democrats vote for Santorum

Here is my latest article on The Romney campaign was infuriated that Rick Santorum was sending out robocalls to Democrats in Michigan, asking for their vote. Remember, the key to winning a political office is winning:

Let the Democrats Vote For Santorum

NOTE – This article was written before the Michigan and Arizona primary. Mitt Romney won both.

The biggest lie ever told is that there is something more important than winning in politics. For the rest of us, the concepts of valor, honesty and morals have clear cut lines and distinctions. Certainly, on a governing level, they do for the Presidential candidates as well. But first, you have to win. That’s what Rick Santorum is trying to do, and that feigned outrage of Mitt Romney and Co. is just laughable. They’re not offended…they’re scared.

In the state of Michigan, the primary system is open. Anyone who is a registered voter may vote in the GOP primary. Any registered Democrat may show up to a polling place, sign in (not sure if ID’s are required, but if they are, you know, racism!) and vote. Democrats are using this as an opportunity to vote for someone who they don’t believe in, but who they think will make it harder on the Republicans going forward.

As with all Leftist ideas, it has no originality or is straight out stolen from someone else. In this case, it was stolen from Rush Limbaugh, who called it Operation Chaos during the Obama-Clinton primary battle. In Michigan, they are calling it Operation Hilarity. Democrats are calling on Democrats to ask for a Republican ballot at their polling place, and vote for Rick Santorum. Their bet? According to Daily Kos:

“…to keep the Republican primary race in a deadlock in order to tarnish the viability of the frontrunners and ensure a second term for Obama.”

A Santorum win will make Romney a weaker candidate.  If Romney loses Michigan (his home state, where his father was a three-term governor) he can no longer claim the mantle of “obvious choice.” He is no longer the front-runner. Electability? Are you kidding?

Would it be so shocking to realize that Santorum can love God AND not be the Leftist caricature of someone who loves God? Santorum is not dumb, as the Left thinks of all of those “bible thumpers!” (He may be a believer in the value of big government, but that’s just wrong…far different than dumb.) Santorum has put out robo-calls to Democrat voters, asking them to vote for him. He’s pro-actively pursuing Democrat votes. Romney called it a “dirty trick,” saying:

“We don’t want Democrats deciding who our nominee is going to be, we want Republicans deciding who our nominee is going to be.”

It’s not a dirty trick. It’s called running for President!

Santorum has lost in Arizona with its large Mormon population and its early ballots that have had people voting weeks ago. He has Super Tuesday staring him in the face. He doesn’t have a full slate of delegates in Tennessee, and he’s not on the ballot in Virginia. His entire future presidential career is riding on a victory in Ohio. (And, to be clear, this is it for Santorum. If he loses the primary, he will never have an opportunity to run for President again. There will be no second chance for Santorum like Romney has received. None.)

Splitting the primaries is a must for Team Santorum. He must win Michigan to give himself the necessary boost to take Ohio, and force the race to Tampa, site of the 2012 Republican National Convention. Yes, Michigan is a proportionate state, with 30 delegates on the line. But, while the race for each delegate is necessary (1144 delegates are needed to get the nomination,) the win is greater than the delegate count right now. A win in Michigan proves that he can win the nomination. It proves that his victories in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota were not a fluke.

Further, it sets in the mind that Mitt can’t take competition. If he can’t beat Santorum, how the hell is he going to beat Obama? Fast-forward to Super Tuesday. What happens if Newt Gingrich takes Georgia and Tennessee? Gingrich will rise, and the “inevitability” of Romney will become the “what happened to” Romney. It will take a Herculean effort on his part, along with an incredible amount of money, to get back into the game. Romney has taken on challenges before, and has remained at the top of the pack. But a loss in Michigan and a three-way race out of Super Tuesday brings about another possibility – the brokered convention. If he loses Michigan and splits Super Tuesday, you can almost (almost!) bet on it.

For those people unhappy with their current choices, what better news than a possible (possible!) brokered convention. Yes, let the Democrats vote. It doesn’t hurt the field, as the Democrats want to think. The opposite is true (as it is with most Leftist ideas!) it strengthens the field either way – determining it, or forcing a new look at it. Besides, maybe some of the Democrats will get used to the idea of voting for Republicans, and vote for them again in November. (Maybe!)

Happy Birthday Wishes to the Tea Party

Three years ago today, I stood on the pier in Santa Monica, CA, wondering if anyone else would show up for the first ever Tea Party in California. It was just a week since CNBC’s Rick Santelli gave his now famous rant, and inspired Americans from across the nation to stand up to big government spending. For some of us, we had been opposed to big government for days, weeks, months and years before, but Santelli’s words got us off the couch and on to the streets.

Three years later, the Tea Party has changed, grown, learned and thrived. Almost two years removed from the epic mid-term victories of 2010, we have remained the key political force in America; thoroughly dominating the political and cultural debate in the US. Candidates search for our approval, enemies try to vilify us, the establishment (once thrilled to have us around) is trying to ignore us. Yet our numbers grow. Not in any one organization or database or under some catchy banner, website or slogan, but in the numbers of people who are fully engaged in their civic responsibility and, truly, their civic opportunity, never to be separated from their job in being “We, The People!”

Coming into this presidential election cycle, the Tea Party (not having a candidate to call their own) has engaged on other levels. Instead of gathering on street corners, they are vetting local candidates, they are precinct walking and phone banking. The activism has taken shape not in the halls of Congress, but in the halls of the local town hall, the mayor’s office, the state house. It has led to trainings, workshops and education – citizens educating citizens on how to be better citizens.

Going forward, the Tea Party remains as strong and as relevant as it was in those first days. But, like all movements, it will have starts and fits; we will not be immune from growing pains, from those who seek to use the Tea Party as a way towards a fast buck, or others who will utilize it only for their personal or professional gain. We can, we must and we will survive those people, and those growing pains. What lies ahead of all of us in the Tea Party, millions of Americans strong, is a nation of possibilities if “We, The People!” continue to do our part. We remain the greatest nation on Earth if we continue to choose to accept the responsibility of discussing the big issues of what are called The Four Basics – the Constitution, Capitalism and Open Markets, Fiscal Responsibility and Smaller Government – and waver not on their importance in creating a free, prosperous America.

America is young in the timeline of nations, and the Tea Party is young in the timeline of America. Yet, in our three years we have done more to benefit this nation than others could dream of doing in a lifetime. The difference, perhaps, between talking and doing. What the next three years bring is up to us, but it will involve hard work. It will involve education, and action. It will involve – from those opposed to a free, prosperous society – absorbing attacks, anger and vitriol. It will involve standing up for what is right by standing tall against those who are wrong. It will involve an open, honest conversation about what makes a nation great, and how to achieve it, no matter what names you are called to shut you down in an attempt to silence honest conversation. Those attempts must be rendered futile.

To you, the members of the Tea Party, I wish you a Happy Birthday. To those who still want to join, Welcome! The party is just getting started. And, to those who wish to stand in our way – prepare to be defeated.

Happy Birthday, Tea Party! And many more!


– Tony Katz