Month: November 2011

Did I get Hacked?

So, I wake up to find all of those text links above.  Where do they come from? I have no idea.  Who put them there? I have no idea.  Do I make money off of those links?  I don’t think so.  Should anyone click on them? I say no.

I hope to have them gone in record time.

Why is President Obama silent about Occupy Wall Street

On FOX and Friends, I talk with Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris about the continued violence at #OWS events across the country, as well as the truth behind their claims of “income inequality.”  I end with asking the questions that the MSM refuses to ask President Obama – Why do you condone the violence of OWS?  Why does you condone the bullying of school children?  Why are you silent?


My speech at the Defending the American Dream Summit

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Defending the American Dream Summit, hosted by AFP.  It was a conversation about values, and the willingness to fight for them.  Enjoy.


Tony on TownHall – Kagan Must Recuse

Here is my latest on  In the wake of emails that show then-Solicitor General Elena Kagan cheered the passage of Obamacare, it has become more obvious than ever that now-Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan must recuse herself from hearing the case in March, 2012.  But, as I ask in my article – what if she doesn’t?

Justice Kagan Must Recuse Herself

The American Left has been railing about Justice Clarence Thomas. His wife, Ginni Thomas, is a Tea Party supporter, and the CEO of – a 501(c)(4) that focuses on the value of liberty with “insistence on limited government.”

The Left believes that Justice Thomas would be unable to render an impartial decision on Obamacare, the Constitutionality of which will be determined by the Supreme Court when they hear oral arguments in March of 2012. The Left argues that because of Ginni Thomas’s work that Justice Thomas will be skewed in his decision making, and are demanding that he recuse himself.

Yet, they remain woefully silent on Justice Elena Kagan. Kagan was the Solicitor General under President Obama before being nominated to the high court. As Solicitor General, Kagan’s job was to argue cases in front of the Supreme Court on behalf of the administration. If she was still there, she would be the one arguing for Obamacare in front of the court.

As is reporting, Kagan “cheered” when the House (under then Speaker Nancy Pelosi) ramrodded the bill through. In an email to Laurence Tribe, a famed lawyer who was working in the Justice Department at the time, Kagan reportedly stated:


I hear they have the votes, Larry!! Simply amazing


The full email exchange can be found here. Kagan’s need to recuse herself is, first and foremost, based in the rules of the Court itself:

According to 28 USC 455, a Supreme Court justice must recuse from “any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned.” The law also says a justice must recuse anytime he has “expressed an opinion concerning the merits of the particular case in controversy” while he “served in governmental employment.”

For Kagan to say that she has had no opinion on Obamacare while serving in a official capacity to craft and/or defend the legislation is simply a lie. Tribe, for his part, is doing a wonderful soft shoe in defending Kagan, stating to that 28 USC 455 should not apply to Kagan. Tribe further claims that he and Kagan never spoke about Obamacare when she was the Solicitor General.

But forget the code, let’s talk morality. The argument against Justice Thomas is specious at best. The assumption that Justice Thomas can not render a competent decision, simply because his wife holds a certain job, is insulting, bordering on sickening. Those who claim this argument must then reconcile the cases of Representatives and Senators whose spouses (or children) are lobbyists in DC.

The same can not be said of Justice Kagan. These latest emails show that her interest in Obamacare was indeed personal, and professional. As The American Thinker pointed out in early November, a Congressional request from 49 House members for documents involving then-Solicitor General Kagan’s involvement with Obamacare was denied by the Justice Department. Without any legal merit the Justice Department decided not to comply, preventing further examination of Kagan’s involvement with Obamacare.

What does it say if Kagan does not recuse herself? If politics is placed above the law – and its rightful inspection and scrutiny – then of what value is the law? If ideology trumps morality, then of what value is the court itself, or the law, or the Republic?

What value indeed.

Like us on Facebook

I wanted to make mention of our new page on Facebook for The Tony Katz Radio Show.  Over the course of the next weeks, months and years, I’ll be working on creating more ways to engage our growing audience on and off line.

Though the year is not over, it’s been a very productive 2011.  We’ve exceeded the majority of our goals over the past year, and have learned of many areas that need improvement and opportunities that we are letting pass us by.  One of those is finding even more ways for us to talk to each other.  I’m correcting that now.

I hope you will take the time to “Like” the new page on Facebook, and be sure to listen to the radio show Monday – Friday at 6pm EST.  Thanks!

Cain Press Conference – First Thoughts

On Tuesday, November 8th, presidential candidate Herman Cain held a press conference in Phoenix, Arizona to address the growing “scandal” of alleged sexual harrasment. Most recently, a fourth woman – Sharon Bialek – has stated that, when approaching Cain for help securing a job 14 years ago, Cain attempted to force her into a sexual act or relationship.

While Cain has stated that he would no longer address the issue, the latest charges from Bialek, flanked by celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, have forced his hand, and forced this latest press conference. Here are my first thoughts:

Cain appears on camera with a lawyer, Lin Wood, who takes the podium first. If Herman Cain is trying to show America that he is taking these charges “head on,” he has started on the wrong foot, using a lawyer to protect him. Yes, private citizen Cain is more than entitled to lawyer up, and he is right to seek legal counsel. But this is a press conference to show America that Herman Cain can take on all comers, all “liars” as he has called them. Cain showed up with a human shield. In my view, not a position of strength. Wood has called on the American people to show Cain “fairness.” It is Cain’s job to tell us what happened, and show his strength.  Having your lawyer tell us to be fair is not strong.

Cain takes the podium, and makes mention that he will be reading from notes – something he never does. He also wants to make the strong point that he is taking his message directly to the American people, not through a third party. (This is not necessarily true, considering Wood just left the podium.)

Cain denies the allegation. He claims, clearly, that he did not recognize the woman, nor her name. He is emphatic about this.

The charges, and the accusations, I absolutely reject. They simply did not happen.

And, in a blink of an eye, he pivots into his stump speech.  He starts talking about how the American people are tired of politicians.  He continues that he – nor the American people – won’t allow politics to shake him.  He is also clear that he is not giving up his run for President.

I will not be deterred by false, anonymous, incorrect allegations.

Cain continues on this theme, stating that we can not allow dishonesty to “distract us.”  He also states how tough it has been over the past two weeks.  But, he is ready to do what is tough, and knows that “we will get through this.”

Cain is now discussing the Democrat machine in America.  Cain is going to have to explain this, considering that he has come out on several occasions saying that the Rick Perry camp made the initial leak to Politico, and has considered a lawsuit against Politico.

Cain also invoked his wife, saying that she saw the press conference of Bialek, and that she didn’t think her statement could be accurate.  He also says that his family should be left out of this, and the media should not go after his family. Cain talks about his reputation, and how it took 40 years to build – citing the work he has done with business and employees.

I will vigourosly defend my reputation.

He is now repeating his original statement, that he has “never acted inappropriately” and that what Bialek is suggesting is false.  Cain then opened up the conference to question, and, after the first question from a CBS reporter, states that he would take a lie detector test.  Remember that, because that may be the next big thing.  Will Cain take the test, or won’t he?  In my opinion, that was a huge mistake.

As for the press conference, he did not leave himself any wiggle room.  He has left himself no out of any kind if further charges – with substantiated proof – should come to light.  This entire press conference would have been much better if Cain hadn’t let the lawyer start, and I won’t back away from the fact that it showed weakness.

Cain was, throughout, cool, calm and collected.  As his supporters will say, “Presidential.”  However, what Cain has done is perhaps not what he hoped.  His desire (or so I presume) was to put this behind him, and to show that he is able to take on all comers.  While he clearly, and without any hysterics or over-the-top rhetoric denied the charges, he somewhat laid down the gauntlet – begging people (without necessarily saying so) to prove him wrong.  I’m reminded of Gary Hart….maybe that’s just me.

I look forward to your thoughts about the press conference in the comments.


Tony on RT with Thom Hartmann and Derek Hunter

During the Defending the American Dream Summit in Washington, DC, I appeared set with RT’s Thom Hartmann on The Big Picture. I was joined on the panel by Democratic Strategist Erikka Knuti and Daily Caller founder Derek Hunter. The conversation centered around jobs, Capitalism, Herman Cain and bullying….and rejecting leftist notions about the world we live in.  Enjoy.

Tony on Big Hollywood – Giving the Left a Press “Pass”

I am now a contributor at Big Hollywood.  In this article, I point out two articles from a free publication being shoved down my throat (via my driveway) by the Los Angeles Times and USA Today.  This isn’t journalism, this is propaganda.

USA Weekend Gives Liberal Celebs a Pass

Over the past month, the Los Angeles Times has started delivering the Sunday circulars to my doorstep, along with every other doorstep in the neighborhood.

While I’m not sure of an official reason, one could posit that subscriptions to the Time are so far down that they must meet their obligations to advertisers and get the glossy fliers out to a certain amount of people. Whatever the reason, along with the fliers for the big box stores was an edition of USA Weekend.  On top, it read Los Angeles Times | Times Select.

In it was the typical Hollywood news (‘Justified’ is being renewed!), some consumer report-type articles, and a big feature on kids being healthy and happy. Also mixed in were two stories of less than 500 words each. One was meant as an homage to leftist dogma, the other a flat-out lie.

First, the dogma showed up in a 150+ word article about actor Ian Somerhalder. The actor plays Damon on CW’s ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (before this, he played Boone on ‘Lost’). In the piece, they talk about him being a heartthrob, about how down home he is, as he comes from Louisiana. They even mention he was teased as a child. His football teammates at his Catholic high school dubbed him a “pretty boy” because of his career as a model. All of this set up showing Somerhalder as a regular guy to get to the hit, when he proclaims that he is an “environmentalist,” stating:

We humans are like cancers: We multiply and take, take, take. Now I want to give, give, give.

An article that was quick to point out his TV cred, as well as the near 1 million Twitter followers he has, is highlighting his environmentalism  – where he calls human beings “cancer.”  Is USA Weekend aware of how dangerous this kind of talk is?

The last person to talk of human beings this way was James Lee, also an avowed environmentalist, who tried to take hostages at the Discovery building in Silver Spring, MD.  Along with planting bombs on himself, and around the building, he had a list of demands for Discovery channel, which included:

The Discovery Channel and it’s affiliate channels MUST have daily television programs….where solutions to save the planet would be done…. Focus must be given on how people can live WITHOUT giving birth to more filthy human children since those new additions continue pollution and are pollution. All programs on Discovery Health-TLC must stop encouraging the birth of any more parasitic human infants and the false heroics behind those actions.

“Parasitic human infants.”  ”Cancers.”  This is who USA Weekend wants our kids to look up to and follow on Twitter.

The second article focused around actor Kal Penn, who can be seen in the third installment of the Harold and Kumar films, ‘A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas’ starting Nov. 4th. Penn is also noted for leaving Hollywood during a stint on the popular Fox drama ‘House.’ Penn’s character was killed off (via suicide) so that the actor could go to work for the Obama administration in the Office of Public Engagement in 2009. In 2011, Penn was back in Hollywood making his third movie in the stoner comedy series. Asked about his return to filmmaking, Penn said:

It’s sort of like the yin and the yang. What I love about D.C. is the intellectual focus, and what I love about L.A. is the creative focus. It’s nice to be back and working the other part of your brain.

I don’t know Penn, but as an outsider looking in I don’t buy this response. Penn believed so much in Obama that he campaigned for him and gave up a starring role on one of the highest rated shows on TV at the time to work for him. Less than two years later, he returns to Hollywood to pick up his movie career.

What happened to serving the people? Or, more to the point, what happened to serving Obama? Or buying into the Obama thesis – that the private sector is bad? Was no thought given to the words of the First Lady, who chastised Americans for engaging the private sector, telling them to make less money working in the public sector for the good of their nation?

Penn’s return to Hollywood isn’t about being creative; it’s about the money. The creative side of the brain can be expanded anywhere. He could paint. He could write in a journal. He could be a mime on the weekends, entertaining crowds of people on the National Mall. But he chose to return to Hollywood to make a living.

There is nothing – NOTHING – wrong with that. But it’s the lack of honesty and transparency that makes the USA Weekend piece so off-putting. His choice to return to a million-dollar career was not mentioned, just his desire to return to “creativity.”

After these two articles, it’s no wonder the LA Times is dropping circulars on my doorstep each Sunday without me having to subscribe.