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Understanding Obama: His One-World View and Foreign Policy

The frantic, frenetic, high-pitched squeal from all sides of the political aisle could have deafened most any ears.  When the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to institute a “no-fly zone” against Libya and its leader Moammar Gaddafi, there were shrieks of disgust. Where is President Obama? How could he allow this? And, conversely, what has taken him so long?

In 24-plus hours when the bombs began to fall on Libya (some 100 or more Tomahawks in the first bombardment), the shrieks continued. Isn’t this the anti-war president? How did he win a Nobel Prize? This is unconstitutional!

It is one of those rare moments: even though both sides come to the table from vastly different points of view, they have the same end game — what is President Obama doing? Even Louis Farrakhan, who I submit to you is an awful person, asked the question: “Who the hell do you think you are?”

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Japan in our thoughts

The 9.1 earthquake, and resulting tsunami, that recently hit off the coast of Japan have had cataclysmic results. At the time of this posting, four different trains remain missing. Villages have thousands of people unaccounted for.  Multiple nuclear power plants are over heating, with one explosion. The people of Japan are living in shelters, going back to homes that no longer exist – they have been swept away by the surging waters. To say that I am thinking of them, of their horror and of the long road ahead for Japan is an understatement.

The affects of the tsunami have also been felt in Hawaii, and Crescent City, CA, where lives have been lost, and property damage is great.

For those who can, and those who want to, listed some organizations you can give to via mobile phone:

  • To donate to American Red Cross Relief, text REDCROSS to 90999
  • To donate to Convoy of Hope, a faith-based organization that does community outreach and disaster response, text TSUNAMI to 50555
  • To donate to GlobalGiving, which focuses on “grassroots projects in the developing world,” text JAPAN to 5055
  • To donate to Save the Children, an independent organization dedicated to helping children in need, text JAPAN to 20222
  • To donate to The Salvation Army, text JAPAN or QUAKE to 80888
  • To donate to World Relief Corp., the humanitarian arm of the National Association of Evangelicals, text WAVE to 50555

All of us at All Patriots Media, and here at, are thinking of those who died, and those who have been affected.

    Today’s Conversation – The New Tone?

    (From my show, The Conversation with Tony Katz, on


    Since the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), much ado has been made of the new tone in America.  The concept of civility – how to treat one another, how to talk to one another.  How two people can disagree, but not be disagreeable.

    But what has come of that moment…that “teachable” moment.

    First, before President Obama mentioned the words, there were the lies of Paul Krugman of the New York Times and Dana Milbank of the Washington Post, claiming that the Tea Party is the violent group, while violently lying about the Tea Party.  Then, there was the Sadie Hawkins dance known as the State Of The Union, where Democrats like former Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to sit next to a Republican.

    Recently, it focuses on Wisconsin, and the rallies that have been going on around the nation. One after another, the videos appear…of cursing, yelling, shoving. organized rallies at all 50 state capitals to show unity with the employees union in Wisconsin.  In Sacramento, this attack on a non union member occurred.  Then, again, in Atlanta.

    While one 17 year old was handing out copies of the United States Constitution, this man offered to show him what “tea-bagging” is:

    Massachusetts Congressman Michael Capuano – a Democrat – had this to say:

    Heck, we could even go into ancient history, before the new tone speech, and talk about the attack on Kenneth Gladney, the lost finger of a Tea Party member in California (it was bitten off!), the eggs thrown at Andrew Breitbart, or the vicious lies bandied about regarding the use of the “N” word towards Rep. John Lewis (D) of Georgia.  It is still unproven, and a $100,000 reward remains for any proof of it.

    It would be comical if it weren’t so serious.  No one would believe that everyone on one side of an issue were just choir boys.  Certainly, I would never claim that of the Tea Party, nor of the anti-union groups that have been protesting.  But what we are seeing from pro-union forces, and anti-Tea Party thugs, is a repeated record of violent behavior and assaults. These are not isolated incidents.  They are interconnected.

    So, The Conversation Is: When does the violence end?  And will the left ever recognize their role in it?

    Watch The Conversation, with my guests Larry O’ Connor and Christian Hartsock.

    Today’s Conversation- Shutdown Showdown

    (From my show, The Conversation with Tony Katz, on


    The Federal Government is contemplating a shutdown.  If a continuing resolution isn’t passed, government will do something it hasn’t done since 1996 – which is send home non-essential workers and prove to the American people the excessive amount of bloat in a government bureaucracy.

    Oh…wait…this just in.  Looks like the house and the senate have passed an extension.  The government will not shut down this week.

    Well…that’s good to know.  But it really screws up this article now doesn’t it?

    So, let’s just pretend that the government is going to shut down.  Yeah..that’s it.  Pretend.  I mean, honestly, what is so bad about a government shutdown?

    In an article on, by Charles Riley, he states that,

    “…a shutdown would also result in the furlough of hundreds of thousands of federal employees, but the government would keep essential services — like air traffic control, and the national security apparatus — in full operating mode.  And yes, the mail will still be delivered.”

    Hundreds of thousands of federal workers furloughed, but the essential services remain.  Which should also mean that the non-essential go…right?

    While no figures have been given for the amount of people who might be furloughed in this shutdown, if it happens, the numbers from the 1995-1996 shutdown show that 284,000 people were furloughed.  In the earlier shutdown in 1995, 800,000 people were furloughed.

    According to a USA Today report, in 2009 the average pay of a federal civilian employee was $81,000.  ok, with benefits it was $123,000…but the lower number still proves the point.

    I did a quick calculation.  284,000 people, at an average salary of $81,000.  That’s $23 billion dollars, which is a huge sum of money that we pay every year to people who, in the event of a shutdown, are viewed as non-essential.  The jobs are non-essential, the money we pay them, however, is very essential.

    As an aside, if you have issues with my numbers, contact me.  i’d hate to think i was getting this wrong, that somehow i forgot to carry the two, or figure in for some other insane or interesting mathematical equation.

    Also, the number seems huge, but, the Federal government is expected to spend $457 billion on personnel costs in 2011.  My number of $23 billion in cuts is only 5%

    Yes, there are things that will be stopped in a shutdown.  Yes, you wont be able to see the monuments or national museums. And, as some websites were quick to point out, there will be a stoppage on toxic waste clean up.  Yet, according to recent Rasmussen polling, 58% of the people surveyed were ok with some kind of shutdown while Democrats and Republicans figured out how to reduce spending.

    Reduce spending…seems I’ve (Tea Party) heard that (Tea Party) before (Tea Party).

    So, The Conversation Is: What do we really lose in a government shutdown? And can we do without so much government?

    Watch The Conversation, with my guests Larry O’ Connor and Christian Hartsock.