Month: November 2010

Tony Katz on MSNBC with Contessa Brewer

My appearance on MSNBC with Contessa Brewer.  We spoke about the Tea Party and the GOP, and whether or not to raise the debt ceiling.  Oh, and there is a great defense of the “rich” in here as well.

Humidor Talk

Here is my article from Cigars In Review Magazine.  I hope to do more writing for them in the future.  And yes, I make the firm link between the cigar and our freedoms.


When I speak about cigars on my radio show, I spend some time talking about the flavor of the cigar, the strength of the cigar, my personal preference for a 52+ ring gauge.  For me, the enjoyment of a cigar is about how the cigar feels in your hand, as much as it is about flavor.

But the message I try to impress most on my listeners – not all of my listeners are cigar smokers – is that smoking a cigar is about the choosing the life that you lead.

The life you lead is more than the work you do.  That stuff is just work.  The life you lead, for me, is not a small subject.  It is the only subject.  Whether you are a father or a husband or a bachelor, or a dentist or a construction worker or an analyst with an IT company, you have a life to lead.  And that life should be lead with strength, conviction, joy, power and passion.

When I smoke, ninety five percent of the time I’m with friends.  The conversation is relaxed and joyous, even if the subject matter has depth.  The cigar resets the clock in my mind.  The problem that has dogged me all day no longer has top priority.  Even my posture changes.  I am no longer leaning forward, I am leaning back….with the occasional lean forward, elbows on my knees, if the conversation has gone political (which, with me, it always does.)  The cigar signifies the drifting away of other concerns and issues.

And with the cigar, all are friends and there are no strangers.  The father, the husband, the bachelor, the dentist, the construction worker and the analyst all have a welcome seat at the table.  There are no social classes around the cigar, no race and no religion.  Just your mind, and the choice of your stick.

It is these feelings and philosophies that I wish to impress upon those who know me, and listen to me. This is why I am fan of cigars.   Friends, open minds and no fear…that is how I choose to live my life.  It’s how I want to see others live theirs.

Tony Katz is a proud American and Capitalist.  He has his own radio talk show, The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular, M-F at 6pm EST on the All Patriots Media Network (  He is also the host of Comically Speaking with Tony Katz on Katz is the creator of the Buy Arizona! Initiative, which provides free advertising to Arizona businesses. He has been interviewed by FOX News  (Your World with Neil Cavuto), CNN, NPR, TIME Magazine, PJTV, the Arizona Republic, KABC7-Los Angeles and numerous other blogs and media outlets. Katz is a Los Angeles Tea Party organizer and speaker who has helped spearhead the growing movement and navigate its direction. In addition, he is an entrepreneur and founder of the Freedom Cigar Club (