Month: October 2010

Tony Is Talking…about Replacing the GOP

Sen. Gregg of New Hampshire went on the record saying he does not believe we should defund, or repeal, Obamacare. I’m talking about teaching the GOP, and what the citizens need to learn.

Tony is Talking…about Allen West

Col. Allen West, candidate for congress in the Florida 22nd, is under attack by Leftists for his association with “The Outlaws.” Leftists want to attack him for who he knows, when he knew them and how he knew them. It’s the exact opposite of how they treated President Obama.

Leftist desperation is in the air.

Find out more about Col. Allen West at Allen West For Congress.

Tony Is Talking…about Obama and winning

President Obama recently stated, when speaking about the GOP, that “They figured ‘if Obama fails, then we win.’

Never mind that the President is speaking in the third person, I explain the truth in Obama’s statement.

Tony Is Talking…about Black Judges and White Boys

Just one more trip through the racial insanity gripping the nation. A black judge in Pittsburgh thinks that “white boys” get too many plea deals. Tony discusses the insanity of “colors” and reminds us of the need for justice.

Tony Is Talking…about Tyler Clementi and Hate Crimes

In the wake of Tyler Clement’s suicide, Tony talks about Tyler, hate crimes and the idea that It Gets Better is true for more than just gay teenagers.