Month: February 2010

How Low Does Politics Go?

A story from the Washington Times, which was reprinted by the good people at Smart Girl Politics.  It seems that the newly formed Nevada Tea Party, which was created as a political party in Nevada, and is running a candidate for Senator, is not in any way affiliated with the Tea Party Movement. The only phone number listed for the party is for the lawyer who did the filing with Nevada, Barry Levnison, who is also named as the party’s secretary. He is known as an Obama supporter, as well as the lawyer who defended John Wayne Bobbit.

Is this the future of politics? Creating fake parties in an attempt to split the vote of the right in favor of the Statists? Do the Tea Parties, and an informed electorate, really scare the Left that much?

The answer is yes.

From the article:

Critics say the party, which already has a candidate for Senate, doesn’t have any connection to the state’s “tea party” movement and looks like an attempt to draw votes from Republicans, thereby aiding embattled Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in his re-election bid.

The party filed a constitution, bylaws and list of officers Jan. 28 with the Nevada secretary of state’s office. The party also has collected the 250 signatures necessary to place Jon Ashjian on the November ballot as a candidate for the seat now held by Mr. Reid, said Nevada secretary of state spokeswoman Pam duPre.

All this came as a shock to Frank Ricotta, a Las Vegas pharmacist and one of the founding members of the state’s tea party movement. Not only was he unaware of any plans to form a third party, he also didn’t know any of the 10 people on the party’s executive committee.

“I talked to some of our people in the north, and none of us recognized any of the names on the filing,” said Mr. Ricotta, whose group Nevada Patriots is part of the Nevada Leaders Coalition, a tea party movement umbrella group.

One Year of Tea Party Thanks

365 days ago, I became a member of the Tea Party. I stood on the pier in Santa Monica, and watched a small, but vibrant crowd of strangers get together. I shook near every hand that gathered that day. And I had the privilege, and, as I look back on it, the honor, to be the first person ever to speak at a Los Angeles Tea Party rally.

In my review of the past 365 days, the economy sank – both the country’s and mine – and businesses floundered – both the country’s and mine .  As a Capitalist, I have always known that if you keep looking, keep searching, keep fighting, keep thinking, keep trying, you will find you way to the success you endeavor. I knew that losing funding on a new business would be painful, (and it was) but it would not be forever. It was the business that lost, not me. I was still here. Organizing Tea Parties, letting my voice be heard, and helping others do the same.

From that first rally in Santa Monica, to the Tax Day Tea Party in Van Nuys, to the success of 912West and all of the events in between and since, I am overjoyed by the response of Los Angeles to the Tea Parties. I am thrilled by its success, and its growth, across the country. I am thrilled to see people actively participating in their nation, running for office on principle-based tickets, not party-based. It seems that there are millions who truly embrace the mantra of “Principle. Not Party.” I am thrilled to see that the movement is moving overseas.  People taking control of their lives, taking responsibility for their past actions, and working to make better choices in the future, for their futures.

Nothing is done alone.  The Tea Party Movement is proof of that.  And while we remain joyously leaderless, (regardless of MSNBC’s claims) there are some people who need to be thanked.  They were first, because someone had to be first.  What makes me feel so great is the knowledge that they are not the last, and that we many not see the last for many years to come (regardless of what Gov. Schwarzenegger says.)

My thanks to Brooks Bayne, Stephen Kruiser, Ashley Nicole Ingram, Justin Smith and Gary Aminoff.  I had a growing friendship with Brooks, but I didn’t know the others.  365 days later, they are friends.  We talk, we drink, we smoke cigars, we laugh, we learn, we argue.  We do the things that friends of a lifetime do.  Our lifetime started 365 days ago.  Our Tea Party bond makes us strong.

My thanks to Top Conservatives on Twitter, created in the fall of 2008, which got people talking to each other.  The hashtag #TCOT made it possible to reach others quickly and effectively, and those early members helped spread the word about Tea Parties, and made them viable across the country.

My thanks to my wife, whom I do not blog about.  And, while I haven’t done the research, I believe this is the first time I have ever referenced her.  As I stated earlier, Nothing is done alone.  While I was organizing, my wife was giving advice, holding down our family, and supporting the decisions that we made to work hard for the Tea Party Movement.  We knew, and we still know, that we control our destinies.  That our children should have the same freedom and liberty that we had.  That this is our motivation.  We owe it to them.  If picking a spouse was a game show, then I’m the guy who won the Amazing Race.  Luckily for me, I’m still on that race with someone I love.

And to all of you I have met over the course of this year.  To the great work you do, and will do, let me say thank you.  In Los Angeles, we don’t believe in career Tea Party politicians.  That is why I have stepped back from organizing, and good people like Michael Fell have come in to lead LA.  While I will never stop being a part of the Tea Party Movement, the Tea Parties are not about one person.  They are about we.  They are about you.  Everyone must participate.  Everyone must put their skin in the game.  Everyone must take responsibility.  Without that, the Tea Party Movement has no chance of survival.  With that, Statism has no chance of survival.

One year later, and I couldn’t be more proud.  A year that brought my family the worst economic times in our history, has made us rich beyond words.  We thank you all for that.

I can not wait to see what 2010 brings us.

A Great Olbermann Rebuttal

Last week, I eviscerated MSNBC commentator Ketih Olbermann’s rant about the Tea Party movement.  I described, in detail, that Olbermann was not attacking the Tea Party, as much as he was confessing his own prejudices, and deep-rooted internal racial issues.

However, it seems that the members of the Dallas Tea Party have done a fantastic job in proving Mr. Olbermann’s comments a total farce.

In the immortal words of The Hunt For Red October – “WAY TO GO, DALLAS!!!”

9/11 Truthers, Debra Medina and Tea Parties

Today, on the Glenn Beck radio program, gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina was asked about rumors that she is a 9/11 truther.  She was asked, point blank, whether or not the US Government was involved in bring down the World Trade towers.  Her response is not just disheartening, it is pathetic:

She calls herself an “everyday, ordinary person…” and then gives the most political and politically correct answer the world has ever seen.  She aggressively tried to defend her position, and digs the hole even deeper.  Or, is it, that she shows her real character with more clarity?

I am not a truther.  I have looked at their purported evidence, and I see no value in it.  They have convinced me in no way, and I openly question their motives and their intentions.

Debra Medina has painted herself a Tea Party candidate.  Tea Parties are about The Consitution, Capitalism, Ficsal Responsibility and Smaller Government.  I accept that Medina may be for those things, I accept the fact that Truthers may be part of the Tea Party Movement, and I can not ask them to leave. However, they will never get my vote, and I will not allow candidates to publicly take the mantle of Tea Party member, and spew this nonsense.

Debra Medina made her decisions.  Her candidacy may or may not be over.  However, her aligning herself with the Tea Parties as a candidate is.


Here is a link to her website, where she responds to the Glenn Beck interview.

Can You Review A Movie?

The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular is hiring a movie reviewer.

Since Roger Ebert outed himself as an innuendo-regurgitating hack in a recent post on Twitter, I decided that it was a good time to help someone else be the movie reviewer of choice.

You can read all about it at All Patriots Media.

Another One Misses The Point

Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank just doesn’t get it.

Wouldn’t that be the kind thing to say?  I mean, one would have to believe that Dana is no fool.  A long time reporter, he went to Yale (just another member of Skull and Bones hanging near the White House.)  And, he was smart enough to get away from Keith Olbermann before it was too late, and his brain completely turned to raspberry Jell-o.

In today’s Washington Post, Milbank sets his sights on Senator Scott Brown (R-MA).  You know, THE Scott Brown.  The Scott Brown who was 30 points behind senatorial candidate Martha Coakley (D-MA), only to have the force of the Tea Party movement, the awakening of the electorate in Massachusetts, as well as his own perfectly timed statements of universal truths, push him to a convincing nee crushing defeat of Coakley.  Independents in Mass had spoken…..loudly.

The article written by Milbank is a child-like, snarky attack on Sen. Brown for how he handled being sworn into office.  It starts as a gigantic whine about how Brown listened to those evil, wicked conservative radio hosts – as if, somehow, Brown is a puppet? – and after accepting that he would be seated on Feb. 11th, he, “…requested — no, demanded! — that he be seated promptly — no, immediately!”  The Senate Democrats seated him on Thursday, February 4th.

Milbank then continues with a truly foolhardy article that would make an attempt at humor, if only it wasn’t dripping with his incessant vitriol.  In the article, Milbank:

– refers to Sen. Brown as Sen. Centerfold, due to some modeling Brown did in his 20’s in Cosmopolitan magazine.  He was naked in the photo shoot, and it was 30 years ago.

– states that “Brown’s surprise victory impressed many people.  None more than Brown himself.” (Milbank’s attempt to label the new Senator an egomaniac.)

– states that, “The one declarative position Brown did take – “The last stimulus bill did not create one new job” – was demonstrably untrue.”

– states that Brown is getting Kennedy’s old office, and that it was Kennedy’s seat.

You would have to be simply daft to write this article, and I am more than sure others will pick this nonsense piece of filler apart in the coming days.  Here, however, is the reality behind the four points Milbank attempts to make:

– refers to Sen. Brown as Sen. Centerfold, due to some modeling Brown did in his 20’s in Cosmopolitan magazine.  He was naked in the photo shoot, and it was 30 years ago.

Does calling him Sen. Centerfold pass for comedy in your house?  Are you riffling through Sen. Franken’s (D-MN) trash, looking for jokes that he discarded?  Amongst other Statists, the moniker might stick.  But, with worthless jokes meant to discredit like that one, the only moniker that will stick around is this one – (R-MA.)

– states that “Brown’s surprise victory impressed many people.  None more than Brown himself.”

Wrong, Mr. Milbank.  None more than the Democratic elite establishment, itself. Democrats are still shaking their heads over this one.  And yet we still have Democratic Senators and Representatives dismissing the Tea Parties, blaming their inability to get anything done with a 60 seat Senate majority on the GOP and attempting to persuade the American people that saying no is a bad thing, even when said on principles.  My guess is that Sen. Brown is thrilled that he won, and so he should be.  He ran a great campaign, and the people of Massachusetts voted for his message.  Massachusetts voters not voting for the hand picked Democrat….now that is ego!!

– states that, “The one declarative position Brown did take – “The last stimulus bill did not create one new job” – was demonstrably untrue.”

Government can not create jobs, Mr. Milbank.  Only the private sector can create jobs. However, government can create conditions that are favorable to the business owners – by getting rid of over regulation, excessive paperwork, lowering taxes and, in general, getting the hell out of the way.

– states that Brown is getting Kennedy’s old office, and that it was Kennedy’s seat.

Dana, have you learned nothing?  Watch this.

Dana Milbank just doesn’t get it.