Month: December 2009

The Wise Guys Radio Show – Needs Your Help!

Below is a letter that has gone out across the country, letting everyone know of our new radio program – The Wise Guys Radio Show.  I hope we have your help in making this show great.  Spread the word as far as you can.



Victoria Jackson, Al Sonja Schmidt and Tony Katz are pleased to announce the creation of The Wise Guys Radio Show, and need your help to make it great!

The Wise Guys Radio Show is a two-hour look into politics and pop culture with an “inside” and unique, take on the subjects of the day. Victoria has done 20 appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, six seasons on Saturday Night Live, numerous film and television shows and is currently a blogger for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood. Al Sonja is a former writer for In Living Color, and has written shows for NBC, FOX and Disney. Her children’s book, “Deb and Seby’s Real Deal on Global Warming” has been praised by many, including Dennis Miller and Walter Williams. Al Sonja is also commentator for PJTV. Tony has hosted many radio programs around Tampa Bay, provides new media strategy to congressional candidates, and has organized, and emceed, Tea Parties throughout the greater Los Angeles Area.

The Wise Guys are doing two test shows to prove that this is the show everyone will want to listen to. To make this show a daily reality, the Wise Guys need your help! Here’s how:

LISTEN TO THE SHOW!! Be a part of the audience on Thursday, December 17th and Friday, December 18th from 10am to 12noon PST. If in Santa Clarita/North San Fernando Valley, listen in at AM 1220 – KHTS. If online, visit and listen online. If you have any listening issues, then go to the radio station website,

Call in! They say that only 1% of a listening audience actually calls radio programs. We want to blow that statistic out of the water! You can call us at (661) 298-KHTS (5487). Give us your thoughts, and opinions. Talk about our subject, or ask a question of your own. Flood those phone lines, and be a part of the show.

Find us on Twitter and Facebook. You can send us questions, and comment about the show, on Twitter at . When commenting about the show, don’t forget to use the hashtag #WGRS. On Facebook, become a fan of The Wise Guys Radio Show, and leave your comments on our fan page. Both Twitter and Facebook will be in use throughout the show.

Tell your friends. If you know others who want to laugh, learn and be thoroughly entertained by like minded people, then you need to share this email with them.

Call the station, and let them know how great it was.
Call them at 661-298-1220
Fax them at 661-298-2020
email them at

Don’t know what to say? Try this:
Hi, my name is ___________ and I just wanted to say that I love the Wise Guys Radio Show. Thanks for putting them on the air. Will they be on five days a week? I’ll definitely be listening!
(If you want to be more effusive about how good the show is, go right ahead. If you live in Santa Clarita, be sure to let them know!!)

With your help, the show will be incredible, and unstoppable!!

See you Thursday and Friday!!!

The Wise Guys Radio Show
Tony, Vic and Al

The Bowing Insanity

When President Obama bowed to the Saudi King, I thought it abhorrent, ignorant and simply dumb.  However, it was nothing compared to the “explanation” that it wasn’t a bow, put forth by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, and others throughout the administration, and the Obama camp.

When President Obama bowed to the Japanese Emperor, I thought it was just crazy.  I said, out loud, Is there not one person on Obama’s staff who is willing to look him in the eye and say ‘Mr. President, you do not bow to other world leaders.  Stop it!'”

When President Obama bowed to the Chinese President, I lost my mind, and sent out this tweet, which simple stated, “STOP BOWING YOU FOOL!”

Seems that there is a cartoonist named Glenn McCoy who is willing to do what President Obama’s staff is simply too scared, or too dumb, to do.


Sometimes, nothing is funnier – or scarier – than the truth.