Month: August 2009

Star-Spangled Banner on Piano

This is a brilliant version of the Star-Spangled Banner, played by friend and incredible musician Michael Mani.  Feel free to share it.

Moderating a Health Care Panel

I’ll be moderating a public forum on healthcare at UCLA on Friday, August 21st at noon.  The forum is being sponsored by Ari David, who is running for congress in the CA-30th, against incumbent Henry Waxman (D-CA).

This forum is open to the public, and to the voters in the 30th.  It is meant to provide an actual, honest debate, where people get to ask questions that are unfiltered, and get answers that are not rooted in obfuscation.

Here is the story that Ari wrote for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood.  All of the information about the event is there, just scroll down.  Here is the information for those who want a quick glance.


Ari will be holding a town hall discussion for the public and the constituents of the 30th district on the issue of health care reform.
Friday, August 21st
Noon – 1:30 pm
Humanities Building room 169
UCLA Campus
405 Hilgard Ave, Los Angeles
Enter UCLA Campus off of Hilgard and park in lots #1, #3 or A

See you all there.

Seeing It For Yourself

The moment exists, in all of us, when you see something, hear something, sense something, and, without being consciously aware of it, you say to yourself, yet out loud:

“What the hell are they talking about?!”

Such a moment has now come for millions of Americans, after the twisted editorial in USA TODAY by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD).

The editorial, entitled, “Un-American attacks can’t derail health care debate” is a hit piece at Americans who disagree with Forced Universal Health Care.  Poorly wrapped in the guise of being a primer as to why there should be Forced Universal Health Care, the editorial is an attack on everyday Americans who, of their own volition, go to town hall meetings and let their voices be heard.

Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Hoyer are still pushing a party line that is failing.  They state in their article, quite amazingly, that there are, “….Americans strongly supporting health insurance reform.”  Yet a Rasmussen poll disagrees with their assessment.  Also disagreeing with them is the massive attendance at the Town Halls.  It is this level of disagreement that forces the Speaker to write an editorial in USA TODAY to make their case.  If a majority of Americans agreed with the Speaker and the Majority Leader, would they have wasted their time writing the editorial in the first place?

The issue with the hit piece, however, is the assumption that those who disagree are Un-American.  It was just the other day that Sen. Boxer (D-CA) claimed that those who attend the town halls in disagreement are part of the “Brooks Brothers” brigade – too well dressed to be seen as serious.  Then, it was Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) who referred to those who disagree with him, and voice their opinions, as a mob.  Then, it was Speaker Pelosi who declared that those who disagree with Forced Universal Health Care have been showing up with swastikas. (To date, she has provided no proof of this claim.)  And now, the hit piece in USA TODAY.

Millions of Americans are forced to ask aloud, “What the hell are they talking about?”

If support existed for Forced Universal Health Care, it would have passed.  All of the town halls in the world could not have stopped it.  Speaker Pelosi, and her fellow Democrats, control the House, the Senate and the White House.  If they believe so strongly in it, if Americans believe so strongly in it, they could pass it right now.  Nothing can stop them.

So why all the histrionics?  Why the constant attacks, and foolhardy double speak?  (The Tea Party protestors are both rednecks AND members of the Brooks Brother’s Brigade?  Hey Statists,  compare your talking points, and get back to us.  OK?)

It’s simple: America does not want Forced Universal Health Care.  They don’t believe in government control of healthcare, and they do not believe that Congress has the best interests of the people in mind. Want proof?  We’re in the middle of a recession, and Speaker Pelosi is spending $500 million for luxury jets.  The Speaker is completely out of touch, and proves it everyday.  She is out of touch regarding Forced Universal Health Care.  America is speaking loudly – and that is what bothers her (and the rest of Congress, regardless of their side of the aisle) the most.  Our “leaders” have lost the ability to control the people, as the people are starting to remember who they are.

Americans who have forgotten their roots are beginning to realize the history that precedes them.  They remember that Liberty and Freedom are not just words in the dictionary, but ideals that must be worked for and fought for.  They don’t believe that government is the answers to their problems.  They believe in a small government of, by and for the people.  They believe in Capitalism, and free markets.

And many of them have been seeing something, hearing something, sensing something, and, have become consciously aware of it.  And now they say it to their Representatives, their Senators, and the Administration, out loud:

“What the hell are you talking about?”

The perversion of Communism

I can’t recall where I first heard this joke. I don’t think I created it, but every time I tell it, I’m told no one has head it before. So, while I don’t take credit for creating the joke, feel free to credit me with telling you the joke.

A farmer in the Soviet Union is plowing his field, and comes across a vase. After brushing the dust off of it, a genie appears.

“I am the Genie of the Vase, and I will grant you one wish!”

The farmer thinks for a second, and says, “I have three cows, but my neighbor across the way, he has seven cows.”

The Genie bellows, “Would you like me to give you 20 cows?”

“No,” the farmer replies, “I want you to kill four of my neighbor’s cows!”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the perversion of Communism.

Here’s a more up-to-date tale. A video that explains what happens when you rely on government, and not free markets:

A perfectly good car is destroyed to gain a “free” $4500 from the US Government.  This, as it was said to me by a friend, is the perversion of Socialism.