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Gun-Wielding Protesters Point Weapons At Motorists, Indianapolis Leaders Stay Silent

In Indianapolis, Black Lives Matter protesters pointed guns at a motorist in an attempt to stop cars from driving on the streets during a demonstration. Indianapolis leaders, including Democrat Mayor Joe Hogsett and the Indianapolis City-County Council have remained silent.

Other parts of the video show protesters blocking traffic and throwing water on cars. You can see the guns being pointed at the blue pick-up truck at the :35 second mark. The video is from the Indy Star.

Biden’s Mental State Is Just One Thing Midwest Voters Are Concerned About

America is now debating, in earnest, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s mental state. It is obvious to both political junkies and casual observers on both sides of the aisle that Biden is not all together there. And, heading into a potential debate showdown with President Donald Trump, many wonder if he is up to the task. Democrats have openly questioned whether debates are necessary, or suggested Biden put conditions on debating. Translation: Joe Biden should not debate Donald Trump, because Joe Biden can’t be trusted on a debate stage.

CNNers like Brian Stelter are claiming that this is all a right-wing media dustup that is “far from campaign reality:”

How wrong Stelter is. (Again!) This is far more than a beltway-esqe campaign issue. Biden’s mental state, and mental issues, are a big deal to voters across the nation. But is it the only issue voters have with Biden, as was asked on Twitter?

Oh, no. When you start getting into that list, Biden’s verbal stumbles and mental lapses might be the least of the concerns for Midwest and fence-sitting voters.

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I Don’t Have To Gear You Up For a Fight. You’re Already In One

Tony Katz has actively pressed the idea that we as a country need to be prepared for a fight. Some questioned whether Tony was trying to rile people up. Now New York is setting up checkpoints and randomly testing citizens. California is threatening to shut off citizens’ electricity if they violate social distancing orders. Katz encourages you to look around. The fight is already here.

There Was Nothing Wrong With Trump’s Axios Interview

The media world exploded after viewing President Trump’s interview with Jonathan Swan of Axios. In the interview, Swan pressed Trump on the amount of Americans dying from COVID-19 and his thoughts on the late John Lewis. The responses from the President drew outrage from the left. Tony Katz listens to the interview and explains how this was par for the course and how there was nothing to be upset about.

Katz: I Still Say Biden Won’t Be The Nominee

It’s just two weeks out from the Democratic convention and Tony Katz still doesn’t believe that Joe Biden will be the nominee. Katz breaks down everything he has seen and heard over the past year that has him convinced that someone other than Biden will be the Democratic candidate for President.

This is Why Teacher’s Unions Need to Be Broken

Resist! That’s what August 3rd is all about. Teachers unions from across the country are exclaiming how everyone come together to demand that schools not reopen in the Fall. The coalition has declared that today, August 3rd, is the day where they make their stand. Tony Katz discusses the demands of the resistance and how schools should go about reopening in the coming weeks.

Five Reasons Biden Delayed His VP Choice

Let the conspiracy theories fly! Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden did not announce his VP pick on August 1st. As reported by the New York Post, he will be delaying a week. Why? Here’s five possible reasons:

1- A Decision Has Not Been Made

This is the most far-fetched possibility. The vetting has been going on for months, so an extra week just isn’t necessary. We know the shortlist: Former NSA Susan Rice, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms, Florida Rep. Val Demmings and California Sen. Kamala Harris. (No, my friends, Michelle Obama was never on the VP list.) The idea that one more week will let the campaign know who will best help them win Florida and Pennsylvania is very unlikely. The idea that the campaign hasn’t solidified around one of these choices is possible, but not probable. This isn’t the reason for the delay.

2- They Don’t Want To Interrupt The News Cycle

The Biden Team might think that this news cycle is advantageous to them, and they don’t want it to stop just yet. Perhaps they see value in pointing to President Trump’s tweets on delaying the election, which has given cable news untold minutes of hyperventilation. Or maybe they see value in media’s and their own untrue attacks on federal officers as “stormtroopers” who are “kidnapping” American citizens. Or pushing how everything in Portland and Seattle was “peaceful” until law enforcement showed up (tell that to Horace Lorenzo Anderson!) If they think this line of attack is doing damage to Trump, and influencing fence-sitting voters, they may want to let that narrative grow.

3 – Biden Will Not Be The Candidate

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Here’s Why Prostitution Should Be Legalized

Tony Katz has long held a firm belief that prostitution should be legal in America. Two consenting adults should be able to engage in a contract. Katz goes into depth as to why he has such a strong take on this issue.

Of Course We Shouldn’t Postpone The Election

President Trump made quite the announcement this morning. Of course he did it through his favorite platform: Twitter. The President tweeted that due to mail in voting, the potential for fraud is high enough where delaying the election may be a good idea. Tony Katz knows that of course delaying the election is nuts, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be discussing the idea of mail in voter fraud.

Bill Barr Hearing Was Political Bloodsport At Its Worst

The long awaited House Judiciary Hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr was a complete train wreck from the jump. Democrats berated Barr as a corrupt Trump lackey and refused to let the Attorney General answer questions. Bill Barr was able to hold his own and didn’t allow himself to be intimidated. Tony Katz breaks it all down