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Katz: I Still Believe In A Contested Convention

Producer Ari and Tony Katz have a bet about the democratic nominee for President. Katz has long said there will be a contested convention. Producer Ari disagrees. There is a steak dinner on the line. Biden seems to have the inside track to the nomination. How has the pandemic affected the process for Biden and Bernie and why does Tony still think a contested convention is going to happen. 

The Blame Game Culture

The states are blaming the federal government for not helping more during this pandemic. The federal government is blaming states who were unprepared and didn’t have the proper equipment in stock. The blame is flying back and forth and nobody wants to take responsibility.

Tony Katz takes a look at why, during this time, we consistently need someone to blame. Why does somebody have to be a villain, and if nobody fills that role; how do we create our own villain?

The Age of The Bio-Weapon is Here

We have to look at the origins of the COVID-19 virus. How exactly did it get into the Chinese population and why was China so secretive about it? There is a real question to be asked if this was something that came from a lab. Whether it was unleashed accidentally or purposely, it doesn’t change the fact that the age of the bio-weapon is here. 

God, Faith and Coronavirus. Tony Katz has a drink with Rabbi Ben Sendrow

A crisis, like coronavirus, can shake people’s confidence. It can also shake their faith. How does God let things like this happen? How can I believe when people die? Tony Katz speaks with Rabbi Ben Sendrow to hear how he answers that perplexing question: Why does God let bad things happen to good people? Tony drinks Big House bourbon. Rabbi Sendrow drinks Aberfeldy scotch.

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Katz Speaks with Surgeon General Jerome Adams

During a 20-minute interview, Tony Katz spoke to United States Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, about COVID-19. The topic included how long Americans should expect to be social distancing, possible treatments for those affected and how the President has responded to the pandemic. The Surgeon General answers all the questions that Americans have about this virus and how to best and safely handle daily life through a pandemic.

Can We Stop Freaking Out Over The MyPillow Guy?

Mike Lindell spoke during the President’s COVID-19 press conference and the world freaked out. Lindell spoke about bringing God back into schools and how President Trump’s election was divine intervention. People didn’t react kindly. Can we all take a minute and chill?

How Does Tony Katz Know Carole Baskin from Tiger King?

The most talked about show on the planet, Tiger King, has captivated the world. Tony Katz was checking it out when he realized he actually knew someone from the documentary. Years ago, in Tampa, Tony met Carole Baskin. She is the creator of Big Cat Rescue, where she houses tigers. The documentary highlights her life and how she became involved in the B”Big Cat” game. Also included are some suspicious events in her life that Tony didn’t know about. They have had coffee many times and Tony even attended Big Cat Rescue. This is the story 

No, Coronavirus is Not a Plague on The Jews

A pastor as put together what he thinks is a pretty air-tight argument that COVID-19 virus is happening because the Jews are not accepting Jesus as their savor. It’s a pretty hot take. Let’s see what radio host and known Jew, Tony Katz thinks

Another Coronavirus Overreaction: Indiana County Bans Essential Businesses From Selling Non-Essential Items

In the world of coronavirus, essential businesses are considered those – and this is a very general definition – that allow Americas to survive. The businesses that sell food or medicine or the ability to keep a roof over your head, and the businesses that supply those businesses, those are considered essential. But some of them, from WalMart to Target to Meijer, also sell clothes…and books…and sunglasses…and a myriad of items that aren’t considered essential.

Howard County, Indiana has decided to force those businesses to stop selling those “non-essential” goods. Translation: Social Distancing doesn’t matter when you’re buying eggs or cereal. Social Distancing is the law if you want to buy your kids a coloring book.

In a Facebook post explaining their decision, the county Board of Commissioners claim the issue is Howard County residents who are gathering at these stores. As written in the order, the Board claims store employees are saying people are shopping because they are, “bored at home” and they, “buy only non-essential goods.” From the Board of Commissioners:

This is not fair to businesses that have closed in compliance with the county’s order….Obviously (having people congregate in businesses,) this is not in keeping with the crucial need to practice social distancing and to limit social gatherings.

The order from the county applies to goods including: jewelry, furniture, home and lawn decor, toys/games, carpet/rugs/flooring, non-emergency appliances, music/books/magazines, craft and art supplies, paint, entertainment electronics

The problem here is that the Social Distancing doctrine is applied unequally, and shows again why the nation-wide approach of shutting down business was more overreaction than logic and science.

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Sec. Agriculture Sonny Perdue: How Has COVID-19 Affected Food Supply

Everyone who has been to a grocery store in the past two weeks has seen the effects of COVID-19. People are stocking up on food due to concerns about for availability.

Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, joined Tony Katz to discuss how the administration is handling the food supply during this time.

“It’s worked well the way it should have. The demand the first weekend was like everyone was on hurricane threat and the stores couldn’t keep up with the demand. The good news is that the supply chain is healthy and doing what it’s intended to do.”