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213 – Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s Fox News Hate Causes CNN Blindness, Omarosa Is Just As Awful As You Thought She Was

A recent Gallup poll shows Democrats seeing Socialism more favorably than Capitalism. Tony Katz explains how this has happened, and how...

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2012 – Trump Is Tough On Russia and Cynthia Nixon’s Socialist Rent Control Dream Doesn’t Work…Obviously

President Trump has placed another round of sanctions on Russia for the assassination attempt of a former spy in the UK....

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210 – Rafia Zakaria Has It Wrong On Hate Speech and The Secret Nunes Tapes Are Not A Secret

Tony Katz gets a reply on Twitter from CNN contributor Rafia Zakaria and her thesis that Alex Jones is guilty of...

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Progressives Want Alex Jones Banned From Twitter To Save Democracy, Or Something

In the newest twist in the Alex-Jones-Is-Banned saga, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has stated that Jones is not banned from their...

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210 – The Russians Did Not Influence The Ohio Special Election and Rosie Puts Russia And Media In The Same Camp

Tony Katz breaks down the special election in the Ohio 12th district, where the GOP holds the seat by a very...

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CNN’s Don Lemon Says President Trump Traffics In Racism. Tony Katz Ends That Myth Quickly

After the back and forth between President Donald Trump and NBA superstar LeBron James, CNN host Don Lemon got into the...

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Tony regularly appears on FOX News, discussing Midwest politics and American culture. His articles have been featured in, The Daily Caller and The Christian Post.


Tony has made a name for himself in putting together reasoned argument with comedic timing. Accepting no BS, but never being rude about it, Tony cuts through talking points to get to the subject matter that matters most.


OK, if not an aficionado, then pretty darn close. It’s not just about the smoke for Tony, but about the craftsmanship – and the craftsmen and women! – from around the globe who create such amazing works of art.

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Tony Katz

Born in Brooklyn. Grew up in New Jersey. Met his wife in Tampa Bay. Worked in D.C. on 9/11. Spent six years in Los Angeles where he went broke and found his radio calling. Now, he lives in America; Indianapolis, IN. He's been a bit of everywhere, and he has some stories to tell.

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